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4 Steps For Choosing A Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Trademark Floral Centerpiece

A Thanksgiving dinner table just isn’t complete without a seasonal floral centerpiece to tie in the color and fragrance of the holiday. Here are 4 steps to follow when picking out a flower arrangement to finish off your table on turkey day.

  1. Size

When choosing how large or small to go, you’ll need to consider all three dimensions. Think about how wide and long of a centerpiece you want compared to the size of your table and what dishware and foods you expect to have set out. (Remember to consider the amount of flower overhang, too—no one wants a leaf in their pinot noir!)

You should also think about the height of your floral centerpiece. If you plan to seat guests on opposite sides of the floral arrangement, consider going with a shorter piece to allow for unobstructed conversations.

On the other hand, if you have other tall decorations in the room like candles, curtains or paintings, a taller centerpiece can look more natural.

  1. Number of Centerpieces

Do you have an extra long table or several tables for extended family and friends? Be sure to have enough centerpieces for the whole party to enjoy. A good way to determine how many you’ll need is to count one centerpiece for every 3 or 4 chairs per side of the table.

  1. Type of Flower

There are many types of flowers that look great between the turkey and the pumpkin pie. Floral species like hydrangea, ranunculus and tulips bring a lively contrast to the hues of autumn, while mums and snapdragons enhance the seasonal ambiance.

You should also consider any allergies your guests may have if you know ahead of time.

  1. Traditional vs Modern

While Thanksgiving is basically the definition of “traditional,” that doesn’t mean your centerpiece has to be. From the arrangement to the vessel, your Thanksgiving centerpiece can be as traditional or as modern as you’d like.

Choosing a minimalist glass vase or wooden box to hold your orchids and mini green hydrangea can bring a contemporary look to your dinner table. On the other hand, a brass or gold vase to hold your symmetrical arrangement of roses and lilies brings a feeling of seasons past into the room.

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