How to Make Your Holiday Floral Arrangements Last

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like gorgeous seasonal flowers to make your home, office, or special event festive and bright. Fresh holiday floral arrangements are the perfect way to add a bit of holiday flair and decorate for the season.

Not only do holiday flower arrangements from a local Somers florist add a decorative, designer touch to your holiday décor, but with proper care, you can ensure they stay fresh and beautiful through the New Year! Read on for five tips for making your holiday floral arrangements last from the experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Five Ways to Keep Your Holiday Floral Arrangements Fresh

When you decorate your home with festive, eye-catching flowers, it’s only natural that you’ll want to keep them around for as long as possible. Use the following tips to extend your arrangement’s lifespan:

1. Remove the Lower Leaves

To keep your holiday flower arrangements as fresh as possible, it’s crucial to remove any lower dead or wilted leaves touching the water in the container or vase. These leaves can rot quickly, spreading bacteria in the water that can cause your flowers to die prematurely. Removing them will keep the arrangement fresh and allow it to thrive.

2. Keep Your Flowers Cool

Fresh holiday flower arrangements are sensitive to temperatures. Flowers that are too hot will dry out, causing the leaves to wilt. Therefore, holiday floral arrangements are best kept away from any heat sources, such as radiators or vents, as well as direct sunlight.

While cool temperatures are best for promoting your flowers’ longevity, it’s important not to let them get too cold. Exposure to air conditioning and drafts can also cause flowers to dehydrate.

3. Ensure Vase Water is Fresh

Your holiday flowers will maintain their beautiful colors and last throughout the holiday season if they have abundant fresh water. Aim to change the water every few days, especially when it becomes cloudy. You should also ensure that all of the stems are completely submerged under the water for the best results.

4. Feed Your Flowers

Help your flower arrangements stay fresh longer by giving them the nutrients they need. Feeding them flower food that contains sugar, an acidifier to balance the pH level of the water, and bleach to kill any bacteria will keep your blooms alive and festive through the New Year celebration.

5. Trim the Flower Stems

For your holiday floral arrangements to thrive, it’s best to remove the flowers from the vase each week and re-cut the stems. Trim about an inch off of the bottom using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. You should trim the stem at an angle so that the flowers can soak up the water more easily.

Celebrate the Season with Premium Flower Arrangements from an Expert Florist in Somers, NY

If you’re looking for high-quality bouquets and flower arrangements to liven up your space or decorate your Old Bedford Village wedding, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has everything you need. We offer a variety of pre-made special event floral arrangements and can also help you create a custom design.

For more information about our holiday flowers, or to speak to one of our florists, contact us today!

Birthday Flower Arrangements

Say “Happy Birthday” with birthday flowers from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We use only the freshest seasonal flowers to make breath-taking birthday bouquets for that special someone. Shop our beautiful arrangements below, or give us a call at 914-354-3578 to have one of our floral designs create something custom for you!

Thoughtful Gifts to Commemorate Their Special Day

When only the best special event floral arrangements will do, look to the talented team of florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We offer a variety of fragrant seasonal flowers, thoughtful bouquets, creative floral birthday gifts, and more to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Whether you’re looking for floral decor for a birthday party or simply need a gift for a loved one, it’s our goal to create a unique and breath-taking birthday bouquet that shows just how special they are to you.

Fresh Flowers for Every Season

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is committed to offering the freshest, finest flowers possible throughout the year. That’s why we carry a selection of in-season options, including seasonal arrangements and bouquets.

For example, you can honor those with fall birthdays with a gorgeous flower arrangement that complements the season and occasion. Choose from beautiful options like the Blackberry Latte Fall Dining Center Piece adorned with beautiful peacock feathers, the Brassica and Dahlia Fall Compote with amazing pops of color, a Wildflower Lush Fall Arrangement with coveted spray roses, or the Shimmering Low and Lush Viburnum Arrangement with pops of vibrant blue for a wonderful birthday floral delivery.

Our New York floral designers also offer an extensive line of preserved flower arrangements that are perfect for birthday deliveries and will last for several months or more! Consider sending a floral birthday greeting that includes our Fall Preserved Wreath Arrangement, a gorgeously decorated mix of cara blossoms, bleached Ruscus, and bunnytail that works well in all seasons. Other popular floral arrangements for birthdays are our Preserved Fall Foliage Urn Arrangement, which features rustic peacock and pheasant tailfeathers, and our Wildflower Jewel Tone Urn with snap dragons and calla lilies – both of which offer an exciting surprise for recipients.

Our selection doesn’t stop there; Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has a wide variety of flower arrangements and birthday bouquets to brighten anyone’s day. Other excellent options include our:

Give a Birthday Gift as Special as They Are with Help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

If you’re looking for the perfect way to honor your loved one on their birthday, there’s no better gift than a fresh flower arrangement from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. Our team would be honored to send one of our beautiful birthday flower arrangements to that special someone or create a custom bouquet just for them.

From small arrangements to large dining centerpieces, we have a wide array of gorgeous options that are sure to delight any recipient. Not sure where to begin? Our expert floral designers are happy to speak with you and help you find – or create – the perfect arrangement for your needs.

Tips for Choosing Flowers for Your Backyard or Micro-Wedding

Outdoor weddings have always been a popular choice for engaged couples in New York and around the world. However, 2020 has seen an increase in couples making changes to their wedding plans due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Specifically, many couples that had larger weddings planned for this year (and next) in expansive venues are now opting for wedding ceremonies at home.

That’s right—couples are staying home to celebrate their nuptials in a trend known as a micro-wedding. These small, at-home events can make the day even more special for some couples, especially when surrounded by a few family members and friends. A backyard wedding is the perfect solution for a quaint celebration that offers the couple and their guests the opportunity to get together and have as much fun as possible while still respecting the need to social distance.

Of course, just like any other type of wedding, most newlyweds-to-be will want to enhance their venue, home, or backyard with beautiful decorations and flowers.

Choosing Flowers for Small at Home Weddings and Backyard Wedding Celebrations

No wedding is complete without your favorite wedding flowers—even if you’ll be celebrating at home! With high-quality flower arrangements for special events, you can create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding, no matter its size or theme. Consider the following blooms for your upcoming event:

  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Orchids
  • Lavender
  • Carnations
  • Birds of Paradise

If you’re looking for something more unique or would like to create custom arrangements and bouquets, it’s best to work with a trusted florist who can provide high-quality wedding flowers in Somers. When working with a flower shop to select the perfect blooms, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Flowers that are in season and climate provide the best results and are usually more cost-effective for the couple, as they are readily available in-season.
  • Heat sensitive flowers can be kept fresh all day by using water-saturated floral-foam bouquet holders.
  • Floral cages provide an excellent way to design your wedding space and offer placement flexibility for a variety of arrangements to decorate your outdoor space with.
  • Choose hardy flowers that last at least six days to ensure your Pound Ridge wedding flowers last and look great on the big day.

Plan the Backyard Wedding of Your Dreams with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Let the experienced florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe design the perfect custom wedding flowers for your special day. Whether you are looking for a classic and traditional floral wedding theme or choose to celebrate with a modern style for your bridal bouquet and décor, we can create an arrangement that meets and exceeds your expectations. Plus, we offer reliable wedding flower delivery in North Salem, Pound Ridge, and nearby locations!

You can count on us for exquisite Katonah wedding arrangements for special events and stress-free wedding flower delivery from the friendly florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. For more information about our Bedford Hills wedding flowers, contact us today!

Eight Tips for Taking Care of Fresh Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room, celebrates a special occasion, or makes someone’s day like a bouquet from your favorite flower shop in Pound Ridge, NY. From beautiful fall arrangements with natural tones to colorful spring flowers bursting with sweet fragrances, fresh flowers are truly a welcome addition for any occasion and space.

Since we all adore fresh-cut flowers in North Salem, NY, we obviously want them to last as long as possible. The team at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is here to help with our eight tips for caring for your arrangements to ensure they last. Let’s take a look!

1. Give Them Plenty of Fresh Water

Flowers in Bedford Hills will last much longer and keep their beautiful colors when they have plenty of water. Make sure all of the stems of the flowers and foliage are completely submerged for the best results. You should also change cloudy water frequently to maintain freshness.

2. Remove Any Florist Wrappings

Although flowers near Katonah, NY often come in beautiful wrappings, it’s important to remove all decorative florist materials and place them in fresh water as soon as possible. This allows the fresh flowers to breathe and makes them last longer.

3. Choose the Best Flowers for Your Environment

While most bouquets do well in cooler temperatures, remember that flowers have their favorite seasons, too. Certain varieties, such as the bird of paradise, thrive in warmer climates, while more fragile flowers like roses prefer a colder environment.

4. Trim the Stems

Several times a week, remove the flowers from the vase and re-cut the stems, trimming about an inch from the bottom. You should use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the stem on an angle so that the bouquet can soak up the water easily.

5. Watch the Temperature

Fresh flowers are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and being too hot or too cold can cause them to dry out and their leaves to wilt. Therefore, your favorite autumn arrangements and spring flowers in Somers, NY should be displayed away from drafty windows and doors, as well as active heating or air conditioning vents.

6. Feed Them

One of the simplest ways to keep your flowers fresher for longer is to feed them. Most food for flowers contains sugar for nutrients, an acidifier to keep the pH level of the water balanced, and bleach to get rid of harmful bacteria in the water. Together, these ingredients can prolong your arrangement’s lifespan.

7. Find the Perfect Spot

Did you know that where you place your flower arrangements truly matters? You should not keep your flowers near fruit or cigarette smoke, as the ethylene gas produced can harm flowers and plants.

8. Remove Dead Leaves

As your fresh flowers begin to age, it’s important to remove any dead, wilted, or damaged leaves or petals that are in the water of the vase. This helps to keep the water fresh and ensure the flowers thrive.

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe: Your Go-To Source for High-End Flower Arrangements for All Occasions

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe offers the best flowers all year round! Whether you are looking to brighten your own space or someone’s day, we can help. Choose from a colorful bunch of spring flowers, a stunning wedding bouquet, a rustic autumn arrangement, or a festive holiday centerpiece – our Bedford Hills florist has the perfect flowers for you.

For more information about our offerings or to place a custom order, contact us today!

The Best Wedding Flowers for Spring, Summer, and Fall Events

Flowers add visual appeal to any wedding, from the bride’s bouquet to the centerpieces at the reception. While daisies, roses, and succulents are traditional wedding flowers that are available year-round, seasonal flowers add a unique touch and are often more affordable than other options. Therefore, when choosing your wedding flowers, consider opting for fresh, in-season blooms.

Below, we’re discussing the best flowers for spring, summer, and fall events. Let’s take a look!

Spring Wedding Flowers

From mid-March to mid-June, spring is in bloom. Naturally, this season offers dozens of options for colorful and fragrant floral arrangements. When designing your bouquet, consider including one or more of the following flowers:

  • Irises add a pop of color to bridesmaids’ flowers and centerpiece arrangements.
  • Lilacs fill your venue with fragrance and are available in pink and purple bundles.
  • Magnolias are elegant white flowers with a romantic, sophisticated scent.
  • Peonies feature delicate, romantic petals in pastel and bright colors.
  • Stocks grow in dense clusters and feature a spicy, clove-like aroma.
  • Tulips are a timeless option that is both sturdy and colorful.
  • Zinnias look similar to daisies and can withstand warmer spring temperatures.

For other springtime blooms, look for cherry blossoms, forsythia, hyacinth, hydrangea, sweet pea, and viburnum.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Many colorful, vibrant floral options bloom from mid-June to mid-September and thrive in warmer temperatures. Select these summer flowers to give your day a unique visual appeal:

  • Astilbes are feathery and densely packed wildflowers that add texture to parent’s and grandparent’s corsages and bouquets.
  • Clematis features delicate petals and grows like a vine with stems that twist around the other flowers in your decor.
  • Daffodils are joyful yellow flowers that complement overflowing, lush bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Hydrangea are massive collections of white, pink, or purple blossoms. They look great on their own or nestled among other greenery.
  • Lavender emits a subtle aromatic scent, and the small flowers are the perfect size for the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
  • Sunflowers feature bold blooms that are ideal for rustic themed weddings.
  • Tiger Lilies have vibrant markings and bright colors, making them particularly beautiful at outdoor weddings.

Other ideal summer wedding flowers include mock orange, iris, heather, and lisianthus.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Weddings held between mid-September and mid-December benefit from the look of deep, vibrant foliage. Consider these colorful options for your autumn flower arrangements and centerpieces:

  • Chrysanthemum comes in orange, burgundy, rose pinks, and other autumn colors.
  • Crabapples change from green to red as fall progresses, and the hearty branches are a unique addition to your fall arrangements.
  • Dahlias contain striking colors that match almost any wedding decor palette.
  • Orchids look beautiful and elegant in bouquets, centerpieces, and hair decorations. They bloom in white, pink, blue, and purple.
  • Snapdragons feature vivid blossoms in a variety of colorful shades.

Other gorgeous options for fall include circus roses, foliage, hypericum berries, mango calla lilies, moss, seedpods, and sunflowers.

Find or Create the Perfect Arrangements for Your Event with Help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Whether you’ll be hosting a spring, summer, or fall wedding, adorning your venue with fresh, seasonal flowers is an excellent way to add a unique touch. No matter what floral designs you have in mind, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can bring them to life. Our expert florists can help you select a variety of floral wedding décor, including aisle designs, bouquets, and more.

Contact us today to begin designing floral arrangements for your big day!

How to Create Our Lush Peony Compote Arrangement

Peony, Sarah Bernhardt (5)
Ranunculus, Pink Pon Pon (5)
Astilbe, Light Pink (7)
Poppy Pod (4)
Leucadendron, Jubilee Crown (6)
Larkspur, Pink (5)
Ruscus, Italian (3)
Parvifolia (2)
Plumosa (5)
Mallory Compote (1)
Flower Food (1)
Chicken Wire Pillow (1)


Make the Chicken Wire Pillow:
Fold the chicken wire in half. Using needle-nose pliers, twist the ends together on both sides. Once completed, expand the chicken wire to form the shape of a pillow. Press the twisted ends in toward the center to create more of a ball shape. Insert the chicken wire into the Mallory Compote to create the grid

Starting the Arrangement:
Add a half packet of Flower Food to the compote, then fill the compote ¾ of the way with cold water and swish to dissolve the flower food.

The Italian Ruscus, Parvifolia, and Plumosa will be the first greens inserted into the vessel. As this is an Asymmetrical arrangement, one side should be longer and taller than the other. In the arrangement pictured above, I chose the left side to be longer and taller. Start with a stem of Ruscus and cut it in half. Remove the bottom leaves from the stem and insert the stem into the vessel and through the chicken wire grid. Continue with the other greens alternating between the three. The greens will provide the framework for the arrangement and will also help to cover the mechanic of the chicken wire

Now it is time to start working with flowers:
The first category of flowers to choose from is the line flower, which is the Pink Larkspur. There are not many of these, so they should be used very intentionally. The purpose is to exaggerate the asymmetrical lines of the arrangement – hence the term line flower. Gauge the length, but at an angle and insert the stems in the same varying lengths and heights of the greenery. Occasionally, there will be an exceptionally long Larkspur. In this case, you can cut this stem into multiple pieces, placing it all over the arrangement.

The next category of flower to choose is a face flower, which is the Peony. Hold the Peony up against the vase to gauge the length, and then cut the stem at an angle and insert it into the vase through the chicken wire grid at an angle that compliments to foliage. I started on the left side and followed the line of greenery that was most pronounced. Continue inserting all of the Peonies so that they are evenly distributed throughout the arrangement, but are at varying lengths and angles.

The Ranunculus is the next flower to add-in. This is another face flower and is used to fill negative space while complimenting the Peony. Similar to how the Peony was inserted, hold the Ranunculus up to gauge how long the stem should be and cut it at an angle. Place the Ranunculus in the larger spaces that are not taken up by the Peony. Again, insert at varying lengths and angles and make sure they are placed throughout the arrangement

The Leucadendron is the accent flower and is intended to complement the face flowers and add another texture. This flower should be measured, cut, and inserted very similarly to the Peony and Ranunculus. It should be evenly spread throughout the arrangement. A stem that has multiple offshoots can be taken apart so that more of the Leucadendron can be used throughout the arrangement

The Astilbe, which is a line flower, will add definition, layers, and additional texture. Although it appears delicate, the woody stem of the Astilbe can be handled the same way. Measure, cut, and insert. On occasion, some of the lower flowers can be removed from the stem so that the Astilbe can be more easily inserted. Evenly spread them throughout the arrangement making sure that one side of the arrangement is longer and taller than the other

Finally, measure and cut the Poppy Pod stems and place them into the arrangement in any space that needs additional coverage. They are used as a fun accent, but the strong line of the stem as helps to distinguish the arrangement

Once complete, place the arrangement in your favorite spot. I like this one best in my entryway. It makes me smile every time I come home. To get the most out of it, change the water every other day. I premix a little flower food in a bottle of water and have it nearby to add-in. As it is difficult to take the arrangement out of the vessel, just bring it to the sink, tip the old water out and add new water. Not all flowers are alike, so some will go before others (ie: the Astilbe). Just remove the spent stems as they go and enjoy the others as they hang around

How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Mother’s Day

There’s no one quite like your mom – her endless patience, innate selflessness, and unconditional love are gifts that truly can’t be matched. So, come Mother’s Day, how do you honor her years of dedication to you and your family?

This year, celebrate your mom with a gift that will brighten her day and her home – a handcrafted flower arrangement from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. As a leading Mother’s Day flower shop in Pound Ridge, NY, we have everything you need to show your mom just how much you care on her special day.

Below, we’ve compiled a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet.

1. Color

Beyond their delicate shape and refreshing scent, the beauty of flowers lies in their gorgeous colors. From lush red roses to serene white hydrangeas, there is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting your ideal hue.

As you’re shopping for Mother’s Day flowers in North Salem, NY, you should take some time to think about the overall feeling you want to convey with your gift. For example, bright, pastel hues feel fresh and cheerful, while dark, jewel tones are warm and passionate. Most importantly, you’ll want to consider your mom’s favorite colors, too.

2. Flowers

Just as there are endless color options to choose from, Mother’s Day flowers also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. When selecting a bouquet, be sure to find an arrangement that includes your mom’s favorite flower. If she doesn’t have one, you can’t go wrong with seasonal options like roses, orchids, or carnations.

3. Style

Where does your mom fall in terms of personal style? The Mother’s Day flowers you choose should reflect both her design sense and overall personality. For example, large, exotic bouquets are best suited for moms who love bold, bright aesthetics. Meanwhile, simple, dainty options are ideal for moms with timeless taste.

4. Size

Another important characteristic to consider when shopping for Mother’s Day flowers in Bedford Hills, NY, is the size of the bouquet. This will largely depend on where your mom typically displays her flowers. So, while a large, lush bouquet might make the grand statement you’re looking for, it could also overcrowd her space and look unbalanced.

5. Longevity

The last thing you want to do is give your mom a bouquet that wilts a day later. To ensure your flowers are as durable and long-lasting as possible, it’s best to invest in an arrangement from a skilled florist that uses high-quality flowers and cuts them to order, so they are fresh upon arrival.

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe: A Leading Source for Mother’s Day Flowers in New York

If you’re searching for Mother’s Day flowers near Katonah, NY, look no further than Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. As a full-service florist, we offer everything from cut flowers for delivery to custom designs for special events. And because we use only the highest-quality flowers in our arrangements, you can rest assured that your Mother’s Day bouquet will leave a lasting impression.

Contact us today to learn more about our Mother’s Day flowers in Somers, NY.

Selecting a Color Palette for Your Wedding

Color is a huge design element, even more so on your big day. That’s why it should be one of the first decisions you make in designing the look and feel of your wedding. Color is a very powerful tool and will ultimately set the mood and tone for your wedding. There are SO many wedding flower options to choose from. It can be difficult to find just the right color that expresses your sentiment for the event. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

1. Start a Pinterest board.

Add everything you love about weddings. It can be as many or as few items as you like. From there, you will be able to see a trend in general color theme. Having a pinterest board comes in handy for so many other reasons as well.

2. What Season is it?

We’re based in Westchester County New York where the impact of the seasons are STRONG. Soft pastel colors tend to fit in with Spring Color Palettes while deep earth tones fit well with the fall. Vibrant colors are great for summer and anything with white looks good in the winter.

3. Are flowers important to you?

They are to us! For our summer wedding Lauren picked our color palette based on the flowers she loved. So, knowing what types of flowers will be in season and what colors they are available in is always good base to build off of.

4. What type of venue is your wedding?

Are you getting married outside or inside? Are you getting married in a tent or out in the open? Is there a color on the walls or floor that you have to incorporate into your palette? You need to make sure that your color palette doesn’t fight with the elements of the venue that you can’t change.

5. What’s on trend?

It’s always good to see what other people are doing to find some inspiration. You’ll likely find some unique color combinations that you may not have thought of. Something we often use when selecting color is the Pantone Color App.

Whatever color you choose the biggest thing to consider is how it makes you feel. Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded in a room with this color palette and that is going to be the essence of your wedding day. Once you have color, you’ll be able to move onto all of your other design elements. I hope this was helpful in making a decision on a color palette.

The Benefits of a Flower Subscription

flower shop in North Salem, NY

Flowers are a great way to improve your mood, say thank you in a special way, or express love. They are the perfect gift that is always well-received. That’s why a flower subscription service is such a compelling opportunity. You can use a flower delivery service to provide the people that matter the most to you with a positive gesture all year-round. By purchasing a flower subscription service from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, the best flower shop in North Salem, NY, you can spread love and cheer with flowers anytime you want. Below, we are going to let you know a little more about the benefits of a flower subscription service. (Related topics: bridal bouquets, wedding bouquets, bridesmaid flower bouquets)


  1. Choose the Delivery Frequency That Works for You

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a flower subscription service is that you can choose the frequency of deliveries that works best for you. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe’s subscription service, you can choose 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month delivery options depending on what you prefer. This flexibility allows you to pay for exactly what you need and get amazing fresh flowers however often you like. There aren’t many other flower shops in North Salem, NY, that offer this kind of flexibility with their subscription service.


  1. Always the Freshest Flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten up someone’s day and help you celebrate your favorite times of the year. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe’s flower subscription service, you can always expect to receive the freshest flowers available. We always use fresh cut flowers of premium quality. There’s something special about getting a beautifully designed bouquet of fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep.


  1. The Perfect Gift

When it comes to giving a gift, you can’t go wrong with a flower subscription service from the flower shop in North Salem, NY. It’s a great gift that will provide enjoyment all year long. The recipient will receive a beautiful arrangement of premium flowers each month that helps celebrate the season. It’s an incredibly kind gesture that can really make a positive impact in someone else’s life. Reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today to learn more about our incredible flower subscription service.

A flower subscription service is a great option for a great gift at a great price. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, you can edit or modify your subscription anytime you like. If you have any questions, connect to our website and reach out to us today.

3 Wedding Flower Services from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

bridesmaid flower bouquets

If there’s one detail you want to get right during your wedding, it’s the flowers. Wedding flowers can elevate the style of your entire wedding and make a memorable impression on all of your guests. The right wedding florist will help you choose the right flowers within your budget. There are tons of wedding florist options out there to choose from, but Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is a cut above the rest. We offer the best wedding flowers in North Salem, NY, and can really take your celebrations to another level with our professional services. Below, we are going to walk you through 3 of our most popular wedding flower services to give you a better idea about why Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is the best in the business. (Related topic: wedding bouquets, wedding floral arrangements, bridesmaid flower bouquets)


  1. Bride’s Bouquet

One of the most important flower choices you will make for your wedding has to be the bride’s bouquet. You need to choose a bouquet that reflects your personality well and compliments the color of your wedding dress. Working with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe will help you make sure your bridal bouquets look great in both real life and photos. You will love the fresh flowers that make up your bride’s bouquet and our hands-on approach. This service is certainly one of the most popular options that we offer.


  1. Bridesmaid’s Flowers

You want your bridesmaids to look great on your big day but it can be challenging to find the right flowers for them. There are tons of options to choose from and you need to pair your bridesmaid’s flowers well with their dresses. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire the experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to help you out. We can collaborate with you directly to create wedding floral designs that reflect your personal taste. Your bridesmaids will be looking great on your big day thanks to our fresh wedding flowers in North Salem, NY.


  1. Centerpieces

The flower centerpiece is a huge part of how your wedding will look. It’s one of the first things that people notice when they step foot into your wedding venue so you want to make sure it makes a strong powerful impression. Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can help you with all of your centerpieces and make your vision become a reality.