7 Flowers That Symbolize Motherhood

Giving your mom flowers for Mother’s Day is a timeless tradition. But oftentimes, Mother’s Day bouquets are designed without seasonality and freshness in mind – and wilted flowers aren’t exactly uplifting. That’s why, at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we prioritize designing arrangements with the freshest flowers our local vendors have to offer!

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Nothing is more meaningful than sending her a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut, seasonal flowers from the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. But with so many seasonal spring flowers to choose from, which are the right picks?

To make your Mother’s Day arrangement even more meaningful, our florists recommend building an arrangement with a flower that represents motherhood. Looking for a guide to all the flowers that represent mothers? Here, we’ve highlighted our favorites to help you create the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day.


Carnations are beautiful spring flowers often used in Mother’s Day bouquets and tabletop arrangements. They come in a range of shades from pink to white, yellow, and even red. To create an arrangement with variety and deep meaning, carnations pair beautifully with roses and baby’s breath. When it comes to a flower symbolizing motherhood, white and pink carnations are a top pick.


Roses are more than just a Valentine’s Day favorite. Roses can also be gifted to symbolize maternal or familial love, making them a perfect pick for Mother’s Day. However, we recommend a color other than red, which is often associated with romance. Some common colors to choose for Mother’s Day include pink, white, or peach. Work with our florists to choose the rose colors that make the most sense for your bouquet!


Anemones are wispy, fragile flowers that blow beautifully in the wind. Understanding anemone flower symbolism is key to creating a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day arrangement with deep meaning. Though they’re commonly found in bridal bouquets and tabletop wedding arrangements, – as they symbolize love – anemones are also in season in May, making them a Mother’s Day flower favorite.

Anemones have buds that open in the morning and close again at night and are symbolic of anticipation and patience.


Peonies symbolize honor and wealth. If your mom is a gardener, chances are you’ll find this spring favorite in her garden! A classic and timeless flower, peonies are a beloved staple of many spring-time bouquets.


Hydrangeas are another timeless garden flower that mothers often love. These flowers stand for gratitude and grace, which makes them the perfect pick to thank your mom for all she does. Hydrangeas come in a range of colors, from white to pink, purple, and even blue. If your mother’s favorite color is blue, hydrangeas are a great pick for her, especially since finding blue blossoms can be difficult.


Tulips symbolize deep, unconditional love, like that between a mother and a child. Giving your mother tulips shows her how much you love her. Tulips come in many colors, from primary red and yellow, to pastel pink and purple. Tell your florist which colors your mom will appreciate when you’re choosing the tulip for her.


Daisies symbolize purity and new beginnings. These garden favorites show your mom that you’re thinking of her and everything she’s done for you over the years.

Design a Dreamy Mother’s Day Bouquet with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we can help you customize a bouquet that’s perfect for Mother’s Day! Our highly-trained specialty florists build their arrangements with only the freshest seasonal flowers, ensuring your Mother’s Day arrangement will last.

If you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement with flowers that symbolize motherhood, we can custom-design one to your exact specifications. Simply speak to one of our florists, and we’ll walk you through the whole process.

No time to pick up your order? No problem! We deliver our arrangement to Bedford New York and the surrounding areas. Want to know if we deliver to your area? See our delivery area information to learn more, or give us a call. Our courteous professionals are here to answer all your questions!

Spring Wedding Flower Trends in 2023

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year for weddings. With seasonal blossoms in full bloom, fresh flowers make spring weddings even more magical. When it comes to choosing your spring wedding flowers, selecting popular seasonal cuts is a must!

If you’re planning on incorporating some spring 2023 wedding trends into your special day, you should make selections that are meaningful to you. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so choosing color palettes, flower arrangements, and designs you love is important. To help you plan a wedding that is equally trendy as it is unique to the bride and groom, here are our popular spring wedding flowers to choose from.

Single Flower Type Arrangements

Sometimes, arrangements made from just one flower make the most powerful statements. That’s certainly shown to be true in today’s single flower installations, where only one type of flower is used to decorate the aisle and altar. These arrangements are impactful because the uniformity of the flowers creates incredible beauty and unique visual interest. But what type of flowers are the most popular for these arrangements?

There are many trending springtime flower arrangements to choose from! Baby’s breath, roses, hydrangeas, and anemones are all popular selections for these arrangements. Each has its own unique shape and scent, creating a very different effect. Your florist can talk to you about what will be in season and freshly available at the time of your wedding.

Living Arrangements

Sustainability is an important practice in all aspects of life, and it’s even finding its way into wedding decor. Now more than ever, living, potted flower arrangements are making dazzling displays more frequently at weddings.

Sustainability isn’t the only reason that couples are choosing live arrangements for their weddings. When the event is over, newlyweds can plant their flowers in their yards or continue to care for them as indoor arrangements for years to come to keep the memory of their wedding alive. Every time you look at the hydrangea bush in your garden, you’ll remember the day you said, “I do.”

Best of all, these living arrangements can also be great gifts for your wedding party or guests. Give the most important people in your life something meaningful to take home with them! When you visit your relatives and friends in the future, you’ll see those plants and remember your special day. It’s a wonderful sentiment for everyone.

Smaller Bridal Bouquets

You don’t always have to go big to make a statement. Small bridal bouquets can be just as effective as large trailing bouquets, and they’re a lot easier for the bride and bridesmaids to carry around. The trick is to use beautiful, seasonal, fresh-cut flowers and arrange them with just the right style for your wedding aesthetic.

Afraid a small bouquet will underwhelm the audience? Choose your florist carefully, and trust them to create an arrangement that turns heads. When you’re selecting your florist, check references, look at pictures, and communicate your preferences in a wedding consultation. Discuss your aesthetic and vision during this consultation to ensure your wedding flowers will be everything you’re hoping for.

2023 Wedding Color Trends: Viva Magenta Flowers

If there’s one color that’s really prevalent in spring weddings this year, it’s the Pantone color of the year: viva magenta – a bright and bold combination of pink and red. This fearless color can be found in a variety of wedding flowers and has a real “wow” factor that can dazzle wedding guests.

Your florist can help you choose flowers to match this color for your upcoming wedding. Viva magenta pairs perfectly with whites, creams, muted greens, and yellows. You’ll love the way it looks in your bridal bouquet, in the arches where you say your vows, and on the tabletop arrangements at the reception.

Plan Your Wedding With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

From spring flower arrangements to wedding color palettes, the florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe and well-versed in what’s trending. To plan the spring wedding of your dreams, consult our team of florists and we’ll help you design arrangements that dazzle. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

2023 Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Guide

Very Peri Inspired Floral Arrangement

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Want to make your loved one feel extra special this year? Gifting them with Valentine’s Day flower arrangements is a great way to show your love, and our floral designers are here to guide you on choosing the perfect arrangement.Flowers make the perfect gift for a spouse, partner, best friend, parent, or loved one in your life. Not sure which flowers are best? Every flower has a special meaning. Giving a loved one a Valentine’s Day bouquet that has a certain sentiment makes this gift more magical. There’s even symbolism behind the number of flowers in an arrangement.

For a gift with a special meaning, here’s our guide on how to choose the perfect flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day.

Which Flowers Are Best for Valentine’s Day?

Not sure which flowers are right for your special someone? Consider some of our Valentine’s Day favorites!

  • Valentine’s Day Roses. Roses are a beautiful symbol of love. These classic and timeless flowers are a popular staple and a perfect gift on the day of love.
  • Valentine’s Day Peonies. These shaggy, happy flowers strongly resemble roses. They have abundant petals and come in a variety of colors ranging from pinks to whites to cream. Peonies also symbolize romance.
  • Valentine’s Day Potted Orchids. Orchids stand for beauty, love, luxury, and strength. They also convey a sense of tranquility and calm. This is a good flower to give to a friend, a new love interest, or even a parent.
  • Valentine’s Day Tulip Arrangements. Tulips are a symbol of deep and unconditional love. Give tulips to your long-time spouse for a gift that embodies your devotion.
  • Ranunculus Valentine’s Day Bouquets. These flowers symbolize charm, making them an excellent choice to give to your crush!

What Color of Valentine’s Day Flower Should You Choose?

If you’ve settled on a type of flower, it’s now time to choose a color. There’s a meaning to every color of the rainbow, so be sure to choose one that embodies the personality of your loved one or the way they make you feel. Here are some popular flower colors (and their meanings) to pick from:

  • Red is the color of passion and romantic love, which is probably why red roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day favorite.
  • Orange symbolizes happiness, joy, and adventure. This is a good color for flowers being gifted to a friend.
  • Pink is the color of romance, love, innocence, and playfulness. Pink flowers are an excellent choice for a new and budding relationship.
  • Yellow represents friendship, love, and trust. If you’re hoping to bring cheer to a parent or relative on Valentine’s day, consider yellow flowers for your bouquet.
  • Green symbolizes good fortune and resilience. At this time of year, green flowers also point to the future and springtime.
  • Blue flowers evoke feelings of intimacy. Give blue flowers to a long-time partner or spouse to ignite that spark.
  • Purple symbolizes grace, refinement, and beauty. They’re the perfect addition to a bouquet of pink flowers for your love interest.
  • White is associated with purity, innocence, and new marriage. Give white flowers to your fiance as a reminder of your upcoming wedding day.

How Many Flowers for a Bouquet?

The number of flowers you include in an arrangement can make all the difference. One flower means that the recipient is the only one. Three flowers are symbolic of love. Eleven flowers mean the recipient is the “missing flower” in a dozen. If you’re looking to really wow your special someone, consider some of these sentiments and meanings in the number of flowers you choose.

Where Can I Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe designs high-end floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day, making it easy to give the gift of love this year. We’re your source for beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements! To get started crafting the perfect floral design for your loved one, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Are you seeking unique Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one? Whether you’re buying flowers for a partner, spouse, best friend, or relative, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has Valentine’s Day flower ideas to share!

We only work with the freshest and most lovely seasonal flowers to provide Valentine’s Day flower delivery to areas near our Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. See if we provide delivery to your area!

The History of Poinsettias for Christmas

Poinsettias are a decorative holiday staple. They’re a symbol of the season and a decoration found in households across the United States. Everyone knows that poinsettias are the official Christmas flower – but why? When were poinsettias first associated with Christmas? Where do poinsettias come from? How did they become the holiday tradition that we know and love today?

The experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe have the answers! Here’s what to know about decorating with poinsettias during the holidays.

Poinsettia Flower Meaning

Poinsettias are the December birth flower. They are associated with good cheer, celebration, and success.

The History of Poinsettias

Poinsettias are native to Central America. During the time of the Aztecs, poinsettias were used to dye clothes, create cosmetics, and treat fevers. In the early 1800s, poinsettias were taken to the United States by Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first ambassador to Mexico. After visiting Mexico, he collected some poinsettia plants and sent them to his greenhouses in South Carolina. Eventually, he began sending them to friends and botanical gardens across the United States.

The poinsettias were sold at the first Philadelphia flower show as cut flowers, then were later sold in pots. In Southern California, the Ecke family was among the first to sell poinsettias as whole plants rather than cut flowers. This family is still one of the main producers of poinsettias in the United States.

When Paul Ecke Jr. sent free poinsettias to TV studios, they were featured on the holiday specials of “The Tonight Show” and Bob Hope. This served as advertising for the poinsettias and helped solidify them as the Christmas flower. Eventually, December 12th (the anniversary of Poinsett’s death) was named National Poinsettia Day.

Why are Poinsettias Associated with Christmas?

So, where did poinsettias originate? Poinsettia Christmas flowers are not only a tradition in the United States, but they also have historic roots in Mexico. The old Mexican legend goes:

A poor girl, named Pepita, had no present to give to baby Jesus at holiday services. On the way to church, her cousin Pedro tried to cheer her up by saying that baby Jesus will be made happy by even the smallest gift when it is given by someone who loves him.

Pepita picked a handful of weeds outside the church and made them into a small bouquet. She was embarrassed by her gift but had nothing else to give. As she walked through the church with the weeds, she felt emboldened, remembering what Pedro had said to her. She put the weeds at the bottom of the nativity scene, and the weeds burst into bright red flowers. It was declared a miracle.

This is how the bright red flowers became known as the “Flores de Noche Buena”, or flowers of the holy night.

Poinsettia flowers have a distinct shape that is sometimes seen as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. The red color of the leaves is sometimes said to symbolize the blood of Christ, while white leaves represent the purity of Christ.

Where Can I Get Poinsettias for Christmas?

You can get poinsettias for Christmas from any reputable florist in your area, like Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. A good florist will sell poinsettias of the highest quality, with the most colorful leaves and the lushest foliage.

When to Give Poinsettias?

Poinsettias can be given at any time during the holiday season, but they are especially meaningful around Christmastime.

Where to Decorate with Poinsettias?

Poinsettias make an excellent decoration in living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms, but keep them out of range from pets and children that might break off branches. Poinsettias secrete a sap that can upset your stomach and cause mild irritation.

Contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Find the best poinsettias and holiday flower arrangements at the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. Our reputable florists use fresh-cut seasonal flowers to create the most lovely winter flower arrangements. Call today to have poinsettias delivered to your home or that of a friend. See our service area to find out if we can deliver to you!

7 Unique Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

Decorating a Thanksgiving table is a timeless tradition in many American households. You’ll typically see classic fall decor pieces like seasonal colors, floral centerpieces, pumpkins, decorative napkins, and more. But Thanksgiving table centerpieces that incorporate seasonal flowers are by far the most beautiful of all.

If you’re looking to add a little flare to your table this year, we have a few ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces that emphasize all the beauty of the season. Here are our favorite Thanksgiving flower centerpieces and unique table setting ideas to spice up the holiday!

1. Freshly Collected Fall Colors

Is your yard alive with fall foliage? Collect some colorful leaves from the world outside your door, then scatter them in the center of your table. If you don’t have easy access to fall leaves in your yard, consider artificial leaves instead. Place a vase of fresh fall flowers in the middle of the pile and enjoy!

2. Floral Centerpiece of Seasonal Flowers

One of the best Thanksgiving table setting ideas is a simple floral dining centerpiece of fresh seasonal flowers. If you’re going to be a guest at someone else’s house, bring beautiful seasonal flowers with you to present to your host!

3. Festive Cheese Board

For a super elegant (and tasty) centerpiece, pull out that rustic cheese board and pile it with a variety of cheeses, jams, and other classic charcuterie snacks. Add some fall color by decorating one or two corners of the cheese board with attractive chrysanthemum blossoms, or a few fall leaves from the yard. For the finishing touches, lay a silver table knife casually over the edge of the board.

4. Pumpkins, Squash, and Artichoke

Nothing says fall like seasonal vegetables! Arrange attractive mini pumpkins and gourds in the center of your table, flanked on each side by fresh artichokes. Sprinkle the arrangement with fall flowers like mums or dahlias, plus a few fall leaves for good measure.

5. Fresh Fruit Centerpiece

Fill a ceramic bowl with fresh fall-colored fruits of your choice, like apples, pomegranates, cranberries, and pears. Garnish the edges of the bowl with basil leaves or edible flowers. Flank the bowl on each side with a tall candle.

6. Pumpkin Bowls Filled With Flowers

Hollow out one or two pumpkins that are small enough to comfortably fit on your dining room table, then line the pumpkins with a vessel or polly foil. Fill the pumpkins with seasonal, fresh-cut flower bouquets. Place the pumpkins on your dining room table.

7. Dried Corn in a Vase

Add dried corn kernels in a vase, then place dried flowers (like dried mums or sunflowers) in the corn kernels. The kernels will support the flowers to keep them upright. Put this arrangement in the center of your dining room table.

Need a Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement? Call Bedford Village Flower Shoppe Today

Our Thanksgiving flower arrangements are the perfect seasonal centerpiece. For more Thanksgiving flower centerpiece ideas in Bedford NY, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

The Best Baby Shower Flowers For Every Season

From “Winter Wonderland” to “Under the Sea,” baby showers are often themed around the season. It’s common to decorate these festive, happy events with professionally arranged flowers and floral centerpieces. Are you planning an upcoming baby shower? If so, here’s what to know about the best baby shower flowers for every season!

Baby Shower Flower Arrangements

When picking flowers for baby showers, choosing seasonal, fresh-cut flowers is best. Seasonal flowers last longer than those that are grown out of season. They also have a special charm that makes your baby shower all that much more magical.

When you’re seeking baby shower flowers delivered in and around Bedford NY, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can help align flower arrangements to your baby shower’s theme! To ensure that your baby shower decorations are beautiful and memorable, we design our floral arrangements with the freshest seasonal flowers.


Wintry flowers are perfect for wintertime baby showers! These are some of our favorite picks:

  • Roses. These elegant flowers are perfect in any setting, and add an element of romance to winter baby showers.
  • Gerbera. With a daisy-like loveliness, gerberas are cheerful and sweet, just like the new baby.
  • Narcissus. Elegant and innocent, these charming flowers are stunning in baby shower bouquets.


Spring flowers naturally come in pastel colors, which makes them perfect for your upcoming baby shower. Here are some of our favorite flowers for springtime baby showers:

  • Snapdragons. Tall and elegant, snapdragons add a little magic to your baby shower.
  • Lilacs. The perfect flowers for a baby girl shower, lilacs have a beautiful scent and sweet appearance.
  • Peonies. These flowers have a lot of charm and sweetness, just like your baby on the way!


If you’re hosting a baby shower this summer, you’re lucky! There are so many beautiful seasonal flowers to choose from. The following flowers are perfect for a summer baby shower:

  • Sunflowers. These bold, daring flowers make a stunning addition to late summer arrangements.
  • Lavender. With a beautiful scent and understated appearance, lavender goes well in table-top bouquets and floral centerpieces.
  • Hydrangeas. Make your arrangement look like it came from your own garden with hydrangeas in purple, pink, and blue – the perfect colors for baby boy and baby girl showers.


There are so many fall flowers for baby showers, it can be difficult to choose just a few favorites! Here are a few of our top picks for fall baby shower bouquets:

  • Chrysanthemums. These pom-pom-shaped flowers come in a range of colors and add a simple pleasure to your baby shower.
  • Anemones. Similar to daisies, anemones stand out and come in a range of colors.
  • Asters. Add these fall flowers to any arrangement for a stunning display.

Baby Shower Flower Delivery in Bedford, NY

Are you looking for baby shower flower delivery in the Bedford, NY area? Contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to order your baby shower flowers today! Unsure if we deliver to your area? See our floral delivery area page to learn more.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing a floral design. When it comes to designing a floral arrangement that will last longer, flower conditioning is critical. “Processing” or “conditioning” flowers involves first cutting foliage from stems, then removing dead petals, sanitizing the florals, and regulating the temperature. 

Want to learn more about processing flowers? Floral designers and flower lovers, listen up! Here, we’ll delve into the importance of conditioning floral designs for maximum longevity.

What Is Floral Conditioning and Why Is it Important?

Flower conditioning is a set of steps taken after the flowers have been cut to lengthen their lifetime. Without proper conditioning, your flowers can wilt and die in a matter of days. Flowers are conditioned before arranging them to ensure they last as long as possible.

How To Make Flower Arrangements Last Longer with Conditioning

There are many things you can do to condition your flowers. The most important thing is to store them in a cool dry place in tepid water overnight. Remove all leaves that will fall below the water line in the vase. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, and add some flower food to the water.

In the morning, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area and helps the flower drink as much water as possible. If your flowers have woody branches, split the bottom of each stem with a 1-inch vertical cut.

Some flowers have special conditioning requirements, including, for example:

  • Daffodils. Put these in their own vase of water before adding them to flower arrangements. Daffodils have toxic sap that can kill other flowers.
  • Hydrangeas. Submerge hydrangeas head-down in a bowl of cold water for an hour, then allow them to drip dry. Place their stems in warm water overnight. Avoid cutting hydrangeas shortly after blooming. Mature hydrangeas condition better and last longer.
  • Thin-stemmed flowers. Bind flowers with thin stems (like tulips) together, then allow them to sit in water for several hours before placing them in an arrangement.
  • Flowers with milky sap. If the flower produces a milky sap (such as twedia), sear the end of the flower with a match. As an alternative, you can also dunk the flower in boiling water for 15 seconds. If the flower has a hollow stem, such as delphinium, place a stick up the stem.
  • Bulbs. If the flower came from a bulb, cut off the white section on the bottom of the stem. The white part of the stem will not absorb water, but the light green part of the stem above it will.

Once you’ve placed your flowers in an arrangement, use a flower preservative to extend the life of your bouquet. You can buy flower preservatives from local floral shops, or you can make your own with this homemade recipe:

  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon bleach

Benefits of Conditioning Fresh-Cut Flowers

Flowers that you buy from a florist are expertly conditioned to ensure that the bouquet you purchase will last as long as possible. Of course, you can condition your fresh-cut flowers for the following benefits:

  • They will look beautiful for longer.
  • If you’re sending flowers to friends or relatives, they’ll be able to enjoy them for as long as possible.
  • Conditioning flowers prevents premature wilting.
  • You’ll spend less time cutting new flowers for fresh bouquets, and more time enjoying those in existing arrangements.

Contact Our Floral Designers

Conditioning flowers can be naturally complex, especially considering that some flowers are conditioned with one method, and others require different methods. If you’re not familiar with the type of flower you’re trying to condition, then you may not be using the best methods to properly preserve it.

The best way to ensure that you’ll have long-lasting flowers is to work with a professional florist. By ordering flowers from a reputable professional, you can feel confident that your flowers will last as long as possible.

Want a beautiful flower arrangement that will last a long time? Contact our florists in Bedford, NY. At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we use a range of techniques to keep flowers in the best condition possible for as long as possible. See our service areas here!

Flowers for Funerals and Their Meanings

Funeral flowers can serve as decorations, a way to pay respects, and a beautiful gift to express your deepest sympathies for someone’s loss. When it comes to buying sympathy flowers or floral arrangements for funerals, it’s helpful to know their meanings. Funeral flower meanings differ by flower or arrangement design, so it’s important to ensure you’re choosing flowers with the right message. 

When you’re working with the professionals at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, you need not worry about the funeral flower design – we’ll take care of it. Our professional florists can help by explaining the meanings of various flower types, colors, and arrangement styles. Here’s our complete guide to funeral flower arrangements to help you choose a flower and style that expresses your sympathies in a meaningful way.

What Flowers Are Commonly Used in Funeral Arrangements?


Roses are a symbol of love and respect. They’re also elegant and almost universally beloved, so they’re one of the most common types of funeral flowers. Yellow roses are a favorite choice for celebrating life, especially the life of a beloved friend. Red roses are a sign of deep and enduring love and are a popular choice for a lost spouse or a lost beloved relative.


Hydrangeas are large and bulbous. They add volume, texture, and elegance to any flower arrangement. Their bulky shape makes them perfect for stand-up floral sprays. These flowers are available in blue, a color that symbolizes mourning and brings gravity to your floral arrangement.


Delphiniums, also known as larkspur, grow in long, delicate spear shapes. These lush flowers symbolize an open heart as well as love and attachment. Delphinium can add height to your casket spray. Like hydrangeas, delphiniums come in blue.


Stocks are characterized by long-lasting blossoms and are symbolic of a happy life, which makes this flower perfect for remembering the life of a departed loved one.


Snapdragons are an excellent addition to large floral arrangements. Their long spears make them an eye-catching option, and they come in a range of colors. 

Funeral Floral Arrangements

When it comes to funeral flower arrangements, we’re the experts in beautiful bouquets that celebrate life. Sometimes choosing the best floral arrangement for an upcoming funeral can be a challenge. Here are a few options to choose from:

Casket Sprays

A casket spray is a flat bouquet that’s placed on the casket or the headstone as an offering. Casket sprays often use long-stemmed flowers. Short-stemmed flowers can be used as well, but they must have their stems lengthened with wire.

Floor Bouquets

Floor bouquets are used to decorate the floor around the casket. Floor bouquets are made from large arrangements with large blossoms.


A wreath is used to symbolize eternal life. These flower arrangements can be circular or heart-shaped. They are often placed on easels by the casket.


Cross arrangements are similar to wreaths but they are arranged in the shape of a cross. These arrangements are used as an alternative to crosses and are perfect for more religious funerals.

Sympathy Flower Colors and Meanings

It’s also important to pick flowers with colors that embody your message, whether that is sympathy for the family or celebrating the life of the deceased. Each color has its own meaning, so you can choose sympathy flowers that are the most meaningful to you and your relationship with the newly departed.

  • Red flowers are symbolic of beauty, strength, and passion.
  • Blue funeral flowers symbolize hope and well-wishes for the family of the deceased.
  • Yellow flowers symbolize happy memories and the celebration of life.
  • White flowers evoke feelings of peace and innocence, so they’re a very common funeral flower color.
  • Pink represents sympathy and respect and is thus commonly found at funerals.
  • Purple signifies sympathy and respect. The subtlety of purple flowers makes them the perfect color for a funeral flower arrangement, especially when paired with blue or white.

Paying Respects to the Grieving with Flowers

Sending flowers conveys respect to the family and loved ones of the recently deceased. Work with a reputable florist to ensure that the flower bouquet you choose is appropriate for the upcoming funeral.

Funeral Flower Delivery in Bedford, NY

Do you need funeral flower delivery in Bedford Village or the surrounding areas? See our delivery radius to find out if we can deliver beautiful funeral flowers to an upcoming event. Call today to make an appointment and learn more about our flower delivery for funerals.

Five Rustic Flower Arrangements for Fall Weddings

With summer soon coming to a close, the fall wedding season is just around the corner. If you’re planning a wedding in autumn, then now is the perfect time to select your fall wedding flowers. But which seasonal flowers, colors, and foliage will best compliment your wedding’s rustic autumnal aesthetic?

To help you bring your perfect day to life, we’ve put together a list of the best flowers for fall weddings. These rustic fall wedding flowers and seasonal arrangements truly capture the spirit of autumn. For beautiful seasonal flowers that compliment your wedding’s rustic theme, here’s our guide to designing fall wedding arrangements.

1. Seasonal Flower Arrangements

Every wedding should feature the freshest seasonal flowers. Fall flowers are aglow with beautiful seasonal colors like red, orange, and yellow that create a rustic aesthetic. From dahlias to clematis, autumnal flowers will bring your wedding’s look together.

We always recommend using seasonal flowers for wedding arrangements because these fresh-cut, naturally-growing blooms will last longer and are more readily available this time of year. Many florists naturally use a lot of seasonal flowers in their arrangements, and this is especially true at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We offer the freshest seasonal flowers for your perfect day.

2. Fall Foliage and Seasonal Elements

For fall wedding flower designs that embrace all the elements of the season, be sure to include berries, leaves, feathers, and seed heads. Autumnal foliage and seasonal elements are plentiful this time of year, and these additions really bring the floral design together. Their charming texture and pops of color catch the eye and bring fall flower arrangements to life.

To see how we adorn our autumn flower arrangements with foliage and seasonal elements, check out the viburnum berries in our Low and Lush Viburnum arrangement. These colorful berries add lovely texture and depth to the arrangement.

3. Warm Colors

Fall flower arrangements are often defined by their warm colors, ranging from burgundy to soft brown. See how warm seasonal colors can positively impact your wedding flower arrangement with our gorgeous Terra Cotta and Cream Fall Low and Lush arrangement.

The colorful variety of roses, hydrangea, celosia, hanging amaranthus, gomphrena, and pieris flowers beautifully compliment each other. All the flowers in this arrangement are either neutral or warm in color, to add the perfect hint of fall beauty to rustic weddings.

4. Preserved Materials

Preserved materials are the perfect addition to fall flower arrangements, as they symbolize the changing of the seasons. They also offer texture to arrangements with fresh, live flowers.

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we used preserved materials to design our Preserved Fall Foliage Urn. Here, you can see a variety of seasonal flowers and materials all of which have been professionally preserved to capture their essence. If you’re looking to incorporate a rustic theme into your arrangements, preserved materials are the way to go.

5. Vintage Rose Arrangement

Vintage roses have a bittersweet quality that makes them perfect for fall wedding arrangements. Featuring petals with creamy interiors and pink-tipped exteriors, vintage rose arrangements exemplify the spirit of fall. You can see an example for yourself in the Vintage Low and Lush arrangement.

Planning Your Fall Wedding? Design Your Arrangement with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe!

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Picking The Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding Arch

Many couples dream of being married beneath a beautiful wedding arch, filled with fresh flowers and foliage. The arch can cast a fantasy-like atmosphere over the ceremony, transforming your wedding into the most important day of your life. The wedding arch is also a focal point during the ceremony, so the flowers, colors, and foliage can make a big impact on your wedding’s aesthetic.

Selecting the right flowers for your arch can be a challenge, so working with an experienced floral designer is important. Choose a floral designer who’s known for their quality floral arrangements. Working with a professional from Bedford Village Flowershop ensures you’ll get the best advice and quality service to support you throughout the selection process. Below, we’ve listed some things to consider as you choose the flowers for your wedding arch.

Choose Your Arch

Some arches are made of metal and look at home in a traditional flower garden, while others are constructed from rustic materials, like raw branches and vines. It’s important to choose a flower arrangement that matches the unique style and material(s) of your arch.

A metal arch may call for an orderly arrangement, with symmetry and balance. However, a more rustic arch may look better with a natural arrangement of flowers, featuring less symmetry and more unexpected surprises.

Color Scheme

It’s imperative to select your wedding colors before choosing the flowers for your arch. Your wedding colors will serve as a guide to help your floral designer recommend the best flowers for your arch. If you haven’t chosen your wedding colors yet, make your choices before ordering flower arrangements.

To make your life easier, consider selecting wedding colors that are seasonally appropriate for your wedding. Deep burgundy, red, and orange are colors that are popular for fall and winter arrangements, whereas pastel colors are more common during the spring and early summer. Having seasonally appropriate colors makes it easier to find the freshest, seasonal flowers to match.

Match Your Flowers to the Surrounding Decor

Your floral arrangement should be influenced by the decor of your ceremony and reception. For example, a modern and minimalist ceremony calls for an orderly, subdued flower arrangement. By contrast, a wedding taking place in a garden may be best complimented by flowers growing in the garden itself.

Is your wedding taking place in an indoor venue with dramatic lighting, attractive drapes, and romantic, feminine touches? Consider a range of ultra-feminine flowers including roses and wisteria and fill empty spaces with eucalyptus. Our florists can also help you choose the best flowers for your venue.

Know Your Budget

The wedding arch can have hundreds of flowers attached to it, and installing those flowers takes some time (and money). So, knowing your flower budget and considering this beforehand is important.

Go into your initial consultation with our floral designers knowing how much you can afford to spend. Your designer will be able to choose flowers that fit your budget and align with the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are recommended at weddings because they stay fresher longer, look better, and often naturally align with the wedding venue’s environment. Talk to your florist to find out which flowers are in season during your wedding event. If you’re choosing out-of-season flowers, be sure to work with a reputable florist with a good supplier.

Combine Draping and Non-Draping Flowers and Foliage

Depending on the design and aesthetic, some arches feature flowers that drape over the couple. Some examples of flowers and foliage that can be used to create a draping effect include:

  • Wisteria – a hanging flower that adds romance and color.
  • Eucalyptus – not a flower, but a long-stemmed form of foliage.
  • Ruscus – draping foliage with a chaotic, artistic appearance.
  • Amaranthus – an unusual, draping flower that adds dramatic color.
  • Willow branches – a draping form of foliage that adds drama and beauty.

Some examples of non-draping flowers include:

  • Spray roses – a wedding classic, found in many arches.
  • Dahlias – known for their large, dramatic blooms.
  • Ranunculus – a flower similar to a rose but packed with petals and explosions of color.

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