Selecting a Color Palette for Your Wedding

Color is a huge design element, even more so on your big day. That’s why it should be one of the first decisions you make in designing the look and feel of your wedding. Color is a very powerful tool and will ultimately set the mood and tone for your wedding. There are SO many wedding flower options to choose from. It can be difficult to find just the right color that expresses your sentiment for the event. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

1. Start a Pinterest board.

Add everything you love about weddings. It can be as many or as few items as you like. From there, you will be able to see a trend in general color theme. Having a pinterest board comes in handy for so many other reasons as well.

2. What Season is it?

We’re based in Westchester County New York where the impact of the seasons are STRONG. Soft pastel colors tend to fit in with Spring Color Palettes while deep earth tones fit well with the fall. Vibrant colors are great for summer and anything with white looks good in the winter.

3. Are flowers important to you?

They are to us! For our summer wedding Lauren picked our color palette based on the flowers she loved. So, knowing what types of flowers will be in season and what colors they are available in is always good base to build off of.

4. What type of venue is your wedding?

Are you getting married outside or inside? Are you getting married in a tent or out in the open? Is there a color on the walls or floor that you have to incorporate into your palette? You need to make sure that your color palette doesn’t fight with the elements of the venue that you can’t change.

5. What’s on trend?

It’s always good to see what other people are doing to find some inspiration. You’ll likely find some unique color combinations that you may not have thought of. Something we often use when selecting color is the Pantone Color App.

Whatever color you choose the biggest thing to consider is how it makes you feel. Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded in a room with this color palette and that is going to be the essence of your wedding day. Once you have color, you’ll be able to move onto all of your other design elements. I hope this was helpful in making a decision on a color palette.

The Benefits of a Flower Subscription

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Flowers are a great way to improve your mood, say thank you in a special way, or express love. They are the perfect gift that is always well-received. That’s why a flower subscription service is such a compelling opportunity. You can use a flower delivery service to provide the people that matter the most to you with a positive gesture all year-round. By purchasing a flower subscription service from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, the best flower shop in North Salem, NY, you can spread love and cheer with flowers anytime you want. Below, we are going to let you know a little more about the benefits of a flower subscription service. (Related topics: bridal bouquets, wedding bouquets, bridesmaid flower bouquets)


  1. Choose the Delivery Frequency That Works for You

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a flower subscription service is that you can choose the frequency of deliveries that works best for you. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe’s subscription service, you can choose 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month delivery options depending on what you prefer. This flexibility allows you to pay for exactly what you need and get amazing fresh flowers however often you like. There aren’t many other flower shops in North Salem, NY, that offer this kind of flexibility with their subscription service.


  1. Always the Freshest Flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten up someone’s day and help you celebrate your favorite times of the year. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe’s flower subscription service, you can always expect to receive the freshest flowers available. We always use fresh cut flowers of premium quality. There’s something special about getting a beautifully designed bouquet of fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep.


  1. The Perfect Gift

When it comes to giving a gift, you can’t go wrong with a flower subscription service from the flower shop in North Salem, NY. It’s a great gift that will provide enjoyment all year long. The recipient will receive a beautiful arrangement of premium flowers each month that helps celebrate the season. It’s an incredibly kind gesture that can really make a positive impact in someone else’s life. Reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today to learn more about our incredible flower subscription service.

A flower subscription service is a great option for a great gift at a great price. With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, you can edit or modify your subscription anytime you like. If you have any questions, connect to our website and reach out to us today.

3 Wedding Flower Services from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

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If there’s one detail you want to get right during your wedding, it’s the flowers. Wedding flowers can elevate the style of your entire wedding and make a memorable impression on all of your guests. The right wedding florist will help you choose the right flowers within your budget. There are tons of wedding florist options out there to choose from, but Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is a cut above the rest. We offer the best wedding flowers in North Salem, NY, and can really take your celebrations to another level with our professional services. Below, we are going to walk you through 3 of our most popular wedding flower services to give you a better idea about why Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is the best in the business. (Related topic: wedding bouquets, wedding floral arrangements, bridesmaid flower bouquets)


  1. Bride’s Bouquet

One of the most important flower choices you will make for your wedding has to be the bride’s bouquet. You need to choose a bouquet that reflects your personality well and compliments the color of your wedding dress. Working with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe will help you make sure your bridal bouquets look great in both real life and photos. You will love the fresh flowers that make up your bride’s bouquet and our hands-on approach. This service is certainly one of the most popular options that we offer.


  1. Bridesmaid’s Flowers

You want your bridesmaids to look great on your big day but it can be challenging to find the right flowers for them. There are tons of options to choose from and you need to pair your bridesmaid’s flowers well with their dresses. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire the experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to help you out. We can collaborate with you directly to create wedding floral designs that reflect your personal taste. Your bridesmaids will be looking great on your big day thanks to our fresh wedding flowers in North Salem, NY.


  1. Centerpieces

The flower centerpiece is a huge part of how your wedding will look. It’s one of the first things that people notice when they step foot into your wedding venue so you want to make sure it makes a strong powerful impression. Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can help you with all of your centerpieces and make your vision become a reality.

Why Fresh Flowers Matter

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There’s something special about the scent and appearance of fresh cut flowers. They brighten up a space and can bring countless hours of joy into someone’s life. If you aren’t very familiar with flowers, it’s important to understand why getting fresh flowers makes a big difference. Fresh flowers provide a lot of different benefits and make for the perfect wedding floral arrangements. You don’t want flowers that are brown or wilting, particularly if you are using them for wedding bouquets or other important tasks. That’s why you should always purchase your flowers from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We offer fresh cut flowers to each one of our customers and only use premium flowers for our arrangements. Below, we are going to walk you through a few reasons why fresh flowers matter. (Related topics: bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flower bouquets, wedding florist)


  1. Smell Great

Flowers are most fragrant when they are freshly cut. That’s why getting the freshest flowers possible is so important. You want to enjoy the beautiful fragrances that fresh flowers have to offer, particularly if you are using them for wedding floral arrangements. A scent can go a long way towards creating lasting memories, which is why getting fresh flowers is such a great investment. Reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today to get your fresh flowers ordered.


  1. Cleaner Air

We live in a world where pollution and contaminants constantly affect the air that we breathe. This is particularly true if you live in a big urban area like New York City. This poor air quality can lead to certain health issues and symptoms. With fresh flowers, you are bringing a living organism into your life that will literally work to clean the air. Fresh flowers can dramatically improve the air quality in your home and absorb harmful pollutants that can cause allergies. The fact that you are going to get cleaner air with your fresh flower order makes them a worthy investment.


  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Getting fresh flowers means getting arrangements that are very aesthetically pleasing. They can help to add color to your wedding bouquets or simply bring some much-needed beauty to an otherwise ordinary space. The fact that fresh flowers are aesthetically pleasing means you should absolutely consider purchasing them for your home or wedding floral arrangements. Remember that you can always get the freshest flower arrangements from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for great prices.

Common Wedding Flower Problems to Watch Out For

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Celebrating your big day with beautiful wedding flowers and bridal bouquets is a great way to create memories that will last for a lifetime. Purchasing fresh flowers from a great supplier like Bedford Village Flower Shoppe means getting fresh flowers at a great price. Our bridal bouquets are unique and can add a beautiful design element to your wedding day. We want your big day to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we’ve put together the following article. Below, you will learn about some of the most common wedding flower problems to watch out for. Remember to get your bridesmaid flower bouquets from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. (Related topics: wedding florist, wedding floral arrangements, wedding bouquets)


  1. Using Only One Flower Color

One of the common mistakes that we see people make with their flowers for their wedding is using one only one flower color. This can lead to a monotonous aesthetic for your big day. Instead, try to choose a few different flower colors that complement each other. You can use colors that really make your wedding dresses pop. Make sure you aren’t restricting yourself to only one flower color when you are preparing for your big day. If you need any help choosing the right colors for your bridal bouquets, you can always reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.


  1. Not Listening to Your Florist

Some people love to control every little detail about their weddings. This can lead to mixed results on your big day, particularly if you aren’t open to listening to the suggestions of your florist. The best approach to take when you are trying to figure out your wedding flower situation is to be open to receiving feedback from your florist. Keep in mind that they are professionals that want your wedding day to be a success. Don’t fall victim to this common wedding flower problem when you are looking ahead to your wedding day.


  1. Choosing the Cheapest Florist on the Market

Wedding flower expenses can add up quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest florist on the market. You want a florist that has experience in designing bridesmaid flower bouquets and always uses the freshest possible flowers. Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is the perfect example of a florist that offers great value and incredible service. Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to wedding flowers.

Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Flower Bouquets

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, especially if you aren’t planning things out the right way. This is especially true for trying to find the right choices for bridesmaid flower bouquets. You want the bridesmaid dresses and flowers to compliment the overall look of the wedding. There are plenty of different types of flowers to choose from for your bridesmaids, which can be overwhelming if you don’t have a great wedding florist by your side. Remember that the flowers you choose will speak volumes about you and your wedding. That’s why we want to help you choose the perfect bridesmaid flower bouquets for your wedding. Keep reading on below to learn more.

  1. Look at the Big Picture

One of the most important things to consider when you are working on finding the perfect bridesmaid flower bouquets is to look at the big picture. That means thinking about the overall theme, color schemes, and decorations at your wedding for inspiration. You don’t want to choose bridesmaid flower bouquets that seem out of place among your other decorations. You can use your centerpiece and existing flower arrangements as a reference point to make sure your bridesmaid flower bouquets compliment them.

  1. Coordinate Your Bridesmaids

Another important tip for choosing the perfect bridesmaid flower bouquets is to coordinate all of your bridesmaids. You want them all to have similar bouquets so that it creates a harmonious look. If each bridesmaid wants a certain type of flower, you can combine them all into single bouquets for each person. The last thing you want is to have different bouquets with different flowers for each one of your bridesmaids. That will overcomplicate things and detract from the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

  1. Simplicity Is the Key to Brilliance

Whenever we are planning a wedding, it’s very easy to let things get complicated quickly. There are so many options to consider that we are almost spoiled for choice. This is particularly true for choosing bridesmaid flower bouquets. That’s why you should focus on keeping things simple. Don’t choose flowers that need special treatment and work to get them into the right shape. Opt for flowers that only need to be assembled, not redecorated entirely. Simplicity is the key to brilliance when it comes to choosing the perfect bridesmaid flower bouquets.

3 Steps for Finding Your Wedding Florist

wedding florist

The wedding industry is flourishing, which means there are more options than ever for brides-to-be to choose from. This can be both a good and a bad thing, as it can be tough to actually decide on a vendor or florist with all of the options that are available. That’s why you should do your research and spend the time weighing the pros and cons of each wedding florist before you make your final decision. Choosing wisely can help to ensure your wedding is a true success while choosing poorly can lead to extravagant expenses and unstylish bouquets. Keep reading on below to learn 3 steps for finding your wedding florist and remember that Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is always a great choice for taking your wedding to another level.

  1. Figure Out Exactly What You Need

One important step to take before making your decision on a wedding florist is to figure out exactly what you need. That means deciding on if you need a florist that will help with arrangements as well as decorating reception tables and the aisles. If you want to handle the design elements on your own, you can probably just go with a regular florist. Find what works best for your own unique situation and begin your search after you have everything clear about your specific needs.

  1. Interview Them

You can tell a lot about someone after a face to face interview, which is why it’s a good idea to schedule an interview with the wedding florist you are planning to hire. That way, you can get a sense of how they work and if they know what you are looking for with your wedding bouquets and arrangements. The sooner you can get started with this step, the better!

  1. Focus on Your Budget

Your budget for your wedding florist will ultimately have a big impact on who you ultimately choose to help out. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend some time creating an accurate budget based on your vision for your wedding flowers. If you are looking for incredible arrangements and exotic flowers and won’t settle for anything less, you can bump up your budget accordingly. Just keep in mind that you should always have a dollar amount in mind when you begin your search for the right wedding florist.

Important Considerations Before Choosing a Wedding Bouquet

wedding flowers

There are tons of different approaches to wedding planning. Every single aspect of your wedding can be customized to meet your personal preferences. The perfect example of detail that is up to you is the wedding bouquets. There are a ton of different flowers, arrangements, and colors you can incorporate in your wedding bouquets to take your wedding to an entirely new level. However, if you don’t strategically plan things out and think about what makes the most sense for the aesthetic of your wedding, you can easily make a mistake with your wedding bouquets. That’s why we’ve put together an article that details some important considerations to make before choosing a wedding bouquet. Keep reading on below to learn more and remember that you can always reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to make sure your wedding flowers are a success.

  1. Size Is Important

One of the most important considerations you should make when selecting your wedding bouquets has to do with size. Keep your body shape and size in mind when choosing the flowers for your bouquet to make sure they complement each other. Lush arrangements are better for bigger-built brides while subtler arrangements work better for petite brides. You can always work with the professionals at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe if you are looking for help with your wedding floral arrangements.

  1. Budget Wisely

There are tons of different expenses you will have to deal with to make your wedding vision become a reality. That’s why it’s crucial to budget wisely and understand that making compromises on your wedding bouquets is a must. You might not be able to get all of your favorite blooms if they are out of season or particularly expensive so it’s important to come up with a dollar figure for your wedding floral arrangements that allows you to choose alternatives. The worst thing you can do is going into your floral selections without a budget, so make sure you spend the time creating an accurate amount you can spend before you make any decisions.

  1. Personal Preferences Above Everything

When it comes down to it, wedding floral arrangements are a personal decision. What you like is what you should go with. There’s no right or wrong selection of wedding bouquets, it’s simply what you think looks good and matches your personal style. Don’t compromise your personal preferences just because it’s not necessarily considered to be traditional. However, it’s important to be open to suggestions from your wedding florist too!

The Best Tips for Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

wedding flowers

Choosing a bridal bouquet might be considered a small detail in the overall scheme of your wedding planning, but don’t underestimate its impact. Choosing the right bouquet can make your dress stand out even more and add a bright and beautiful element to photos. The truth is that choosing the right bridal bouquet isn’t something you should overcomplicate. There are several great tips you can keep in mind that will help you make the most out of your wedding and choose a bridal bouquet that makes your big day truly unforgettable. Keep reading on below to learn more.

  1. Figure Out Your Dress First

One of the best tips to keep in mind for choosing wedding bouquets is to figure out your dress first. After you choose your dress, you’ll be able to coordinate your wedding bouquets to compliment the look of your gown. You can even bring a picture of yourself in your wedding dress to the wedding florist to provide them with insight into the aesthetic. It will be much easier for them to match the size and type of wedding bouquets with your dress.

  1. Complimentary Colors

Another important tip for choosing bridal bouquets is to think about the colors that will be included in the ceremony. First, try to choose complementary colors that make your wedding dress really stand out. You can also consider the overall color scheme of your wedding and coordinate the color of your bouquet. You can always rely on help from your wedding florist for help with choosing the right flower colors. If you are seeking a great wedding florist, reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today.

  1. Size and Shape Are Key

Two of the design elements that are often overlooked when people are choosing their bridal bouquets are size and shape. Make sure that your bridal bouquets complement the shape of your dress. For example, a large wedding bouquet with a small-sized dress might not look the best. This is another tip that highlights the importance of choosing your wedding dress before you decide to move forward with your wedding bouquets.

We hope this article has provided you with some great ideas about choosing wedding bouquets. The right flowers can transform your entire wedding for the better so reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe if you are looking for a great wedding florist to help out.

Three Celebrations That Call for Beautiful Flowers

wedding flowers in Somers, NY

Flower arrangements are one of the best ways to elevate the style and mood at a big event. There are so many different occasions that can be brightened up with flower arrangements in North Salem, NY. Getting the right flowers for your special event or big day is easy with a great florist like Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. You know you are getting the freshest and best quality flowers on the market with Bedford Village. Pretty much any type of celebration or special event is better with flowers but there are three in particular in which flowers should be considered essential. Keep reading on below to learn about three different celebrations that call for beautiful flowers.

  1. Weddings

Weddings are a time of celebration and love. Flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies for centuries, and with good reason! Beautiful flowers like roses are pretty much the ultimate symbol and representation of love. Wedding flowers in North Salem, NY, can help you make the most out of your big day. There’s something so special about having exquisite flower arrangements surrounding your guests as they arrive at your event. If you are looking for the best wedding flowers in Somers, NY, reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today.

  1. Anniversary Party

If you are celebrating a big anniversary, flower arrangements in North Salem, NY, are a no-brainer. Flowers can elevate the mood of your anniversary and put a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating your anniversary with your spouse or if you are enjoying something as simple as a work anniversary, flower arrangements are the perfect way to ensure the day is unforgettable. Reach out to Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for the best flower arrangements in North Salem, NY.

  1. Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A bar/bat mitzvah is one of the most important days in a young person’s life. These special events call for beautiful flowers and well-designed arrangements. If you are hosting a bar or bat mitzvah and want to make sure the event is a success, you should definitely look into flower arrangements. The right flowers can elevate the style of your event and make sure it is a truly unique and memorable day. You can connect with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for all of your bar/bat mitzvah flower needs.