Five Rustic Flower Arrangements for Fall Weddings

With summer soon coming to a close, the fall wedding season is just around the corner. If you’re planning a wedding in autumn, then now is the perfect time to select your fall wedding flowers. But which seasonal flowers, colors, and foliage will best compliment your wedding’s rustic autumnal aesthetic?

To help you bring your perfect day to life, we’ve put together a list of the best flowers for fall weddings. These rustic fall wedding flowers and seasonal arrangements truly capture the spirit of autumn. For beautiful seasonal flowers that compliment your wedding’s rustic theme, here’s our guide to designing fall wedding arrangements.

1. Seasonal Flower Arrangements

Every wedding should feature the freshest seasonal flowers. Fall flowers are aglow with beautiful seasonal colors like red, orange, and yellow that create a rustic aesthetic. From dahlias to clematis, autumnal flowers will bring your wedding’s look together.

We always recommend using seasonal flowers for wedding arrangements because these fresh-cut, naturally-growing blooms will last longer and are more readily available this time of year. Many florists naturally use a lot of seasonal flowers in their arrangements, and this is especially true at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We offer the freshest seasonal flowers for your perfect day.

2. Fall Foliage and Seasonal Elements

For fall wedding flower designs that embrace all the elements of the season, be sure to include berries, leaves, feathers, and seed heads. Autumnal foliage and seasonal elements are plentiful this time of year, and these additions really bring the floral design together. Their charming texture and pops of color catch the eye and bring fall flower arrangements to life.

To see how we adorn our autumn flower arrangements with foliage and seasonal elements, check out the viburnum berries in our Low and Lush Viburnum arrangement. These colorful berries add lovely texture and depth to the arrangement.

3. Warm Colors

Fall flower arrangements are often defined by their warm colors, ranging from burgundy to soft brown. See how warm seasonal colors can positively impact your wedding flower arrangement with our gorgeous Terra Cotta and Cream Fall Low and Lush arrangement.

The colorful variety of roses, hydrangea, celosia, hanging amaranthus, gomphrena, and pieris flowers beautifully compliment each other. All the flowers in this arrangement are either neutral or warm in color, to add the perfect hint of fall beauty to rustic weddings.

4. Preserved Materials

Preserved materials are the perfect addition to fall flower arrangements, as they symbolize the changing of the seasons. They also offer texture to arrangements with fresh, live flowers.

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we used preserved materials to design our Preserved Fall Foliage Urn. Here, you can see a variety of seasonal flowers and materials all of which have been professionally preserved to capture their essence. If you’re looking to incorporate a rustic theme into your arrangements, preserved materials are the way to go.

5. Vintage Rose Arrangement

Vintage roses have a bittersweet quality that makes them perfect for fall wedding arrangements. Featuring petals with creamy interiors and pink-tipped exteriors, vintage rose arrangements exemplify the spirit of fall. You can see an example for yourself in the Vintage Low and Lush arrangement.

Planning Your Fall Wedding? Design Your Arrangement with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe!

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has helped hundreds of couples plan the perfect flower arrangement for their fall wedding. To learn more about how we can help you with a custom fall arrangement, contact us for a wedding flower consultation. We service a range of towns in the areas around Bedford Village. See our service areas for more information.

Picking The Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding Arch

Many couples dream of being married beneath a beautiful wedding arch, filled with fresh flowers and foliage. The arch can cast a fantasy-like atmosphere over the ceremony, transforming your wedding into the most important day of your life. The wedding arch is also a focal point during the ceremony, so the flowers, colors, and foliage can make a big impact on your wedding’s aesthetic.

Selecting the right flowers for your arch can be a challenge, so working with an experienced floral designer is important. Choose a floral designer who’s known for their quality floral arrangements. Working with a professional from Bedford Village Flowershop ensures you’ll get the best advice and quality service to support you throughout the selection process. Below, we’ve listed some things to consider as you choose the flowers for your wedding arch.

Choose Your Arch

Some arches are made of metal and look at home in a traditional flower garden, while others are constructed from rustic materials, like raw branches and vines. It’s important to choose a flower arrangement that matches the unique style and material(s) of your arch.

A metal arch may call for an orderly arrangement, with symmetry and balance. However, a more rustic arch may look better with a natural arrangement of flowers, featuring less symmetry and more unexpected surprises.

Color Scheme

It’s imperative to select your wedding colors before choosing the flowers for your arch. Your wedding colors will serve as a guide to help your floral designer recommend the best flowers for your arch. If you haven’t chosen your wedding colors yet, make your choices before ordering flower arrangements.

To make your life easier, consider selecting wedding colors that are seasonally appropriate for your wedding. Deep burgundy, red, and orange are colors that are popular for fall and winter arrangements, whereas pastel colors are more common during the spring and early summer. Having seasonally appropriate colors makes it easier to find the freshest, seasonal flowers to match.

Match Your Flowers to the Surrounding Decor

Your floral arrangement should be influenced by the decor of your ceremony and reception. For example, a modern and minimalist ceremony calls for an orderly, subdued flower arrangement. By contrast, a wedding taking place in a garden may be best complimented by flowers growing in the garden itself.

Is your wedding taking place in an indoor venue with dramatic lighting, attractive drapes, and romantic, feminine touches? Consider a range of ultra-feminine flowers including roses and wisteria and fill empty spaces with eucalyptus. Our florists can also help you choose the best flowers for your venue.

Know Your Budget

The wedding arch can have hundreds of flowers attached to it, and installing those flowers takes some time (and money). So, knowing your flower budget and considering this beforehand is important.

Go into your initial consultation with our floral designers knowing how much you can afford to spend. Your designer will be able to choose flowers that fit your budget and align with the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are recommended at weddings because they stay fresher longer, look better, and often naturally align with the wedding venue’s environment. Talk to your florist to find out which flowers are in season during your wedding event. If you’re choosing out-of-season flowers, be sure to work with a reputable florist with a good supplier.

Combine Draping and Non-Draping Flowers and Foliage

Depending on the design and aesthetic, some arches feature flowers that drape over the couple. Some examples of flowers and foliage that can be used to create a draping effect include:

  • Wisteria – a hanging flower that adds romance and color.
  • Eucalyptus – not a flower, but a long-stemmed form of foliage.
  • Ruscus – draping foliage with a chaotic, artistic appearance.
  • Amaranthus – an unusual, draping flower that adds dramatic color.
  • Willow branches – a draping form of foliage that adds drama and beauty.

Some examples of non-draping flowers include:

  • Spray roses – a wedding classic, found in many arches.
  • Dahlias – known for their large, dramatic blooms.
  • Ranunculus – a flower similar to a rose but packed with petals and explosions of color.

Need Wedding Arch Flowers in Bedford, NY? We Can Help

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe provides wedding flower delivery services in Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Corners, Cross River, Bedford Hills, Ridgefield, Somers, Greenwich, and other surrounding areas. We work with fresh, seasonal flowers and the best florists to ensure our customer’s dream wedding comes together beautifully. To get started selecting your wedding flowers, sign up for one of our wedding consultations today. Call us to learn more!

The Best Flowers for Summer Weddings

With the weather warming, the sun shining, and flowers blooming, summer is an incredibly popular time to get married. Our selection of summer wedding flowers is abundant, which means that brides and grooms have many options to choose from. But what are the best flowers for outdoor summer weddings?

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we’ve picked 10 luxury flowers that are perfect for summer weddings! Here are our favorite wedding flowers for the season.


These large and bold flowers are show-stopping additions to any bridal bouquet. They come in a range of colors and bloom throughout the summer so they’re always fresh.

Garden Roses

Garden roses are a classic summer flower, and they are perfect for bridal bouquets, tabletop arrangements, wedding arches, and more. Roses have a romantic quality that many people respond to naturally. When you see roses, you can’t help but think about romance, love, and – of course – weddings!


Astilbes add an unexpected texture and elegance to any arrangement, which makes them the perfect flower for your bridal bouquet. This fascinating, unusually shaped flower draws attention, adding height and casual beauty.


Snapdragons are another classic summer flower, easily recognized by their unusual blossom shape and spear-like formation. Like astilbe, snapdragons help add height to your bouquets and tabletop arrangements. They make a great companion flower for roses and other traditional garden flowers.


Stock flowers may not have the most romantic-sounding name, but they are undoubtedly lovely. These flowers grow in an upward spear-like shape but have a slightly less orderly appearance than snapdragons. They’re a great option for adding texture to your arrangements.


Peonies are big, shaggy, and beautiful. They are often used for tabletop arrangements. Make peonies the centerpiece flower on all the tables during your reception, or add this flower to a wrist corsage.


Ranunculus blossoms look a lot like roses, but with a greater abundance of petals, spread around in an orderly circle around the center. Ranunculus is a fantastic flower for your summer wedding because they come in almost limitless colors. Find a hue that suits your wedding’s aesthetic!


Hydrangeas are another outstanding flower for outdoor summer weddings. These large, bulbous clusters of blossoms come in pinks, blues, and purples. Blue flowers can be tough to find, so hydrangeas are an excellent choice if this is one of your primary wedding colors. You can even use a hydrangea as your “something blue.”


Anemones are beautiful in their simplicity, with large, round centers and attractive, daisy-like petals. Anemones make a wonderful accompaniment for more dramatic flowers, like roses, or can be used in a bouquet on their own.


Cosmos are similar to anemones and are often confused with daisies. These innocent, sweet flowers come in colors like pink, orange, and white.

Premium Flowers for a Summer Wedding? Choose Bedford Village Flower Shoppe!

The Bedford Village Flower Shoppe florists provide beautiful wedding flowers to help create the ceremony of your dreams. Schedule a wedding flower consultation to begin designing your perfect bridal bouquet, tabletop arrangements, and more.

Father’s Day Flowers

Dads are the best, but they’re often hard to shop for because they already seem to have everything. With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of a gift he’ll love! So why not show your father how much he means with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers?

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, our specially made flowers for Father’s Day are the perfect combination of freshness and elegance. Plus, they’re the perfect gift for a dad who already has everything. Your dad knows you love him, but there’s no better way to show him that you’re thinking of him than with our Father’s Day flowers – delivery options are available to residents in Bedford, New York and the surrounding areas.

The Freshest Father’s Day Bouquets

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, our flowers are fresh-cut and expertly arranged for the occasion. We use seasonal flowers because they are the freshest picks and they last the longest so your dad can enjoy his special flower arrangement longer. If you already know which flowers your father loves, our customizable premium arrangements can be made just the way you want them! Call in advance to order your custom arrangement.

Choose Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Father’s Day Flower Delivery

We offer reliable flower delivery services for special occasions and holidays. Here are a few reasons to choose Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Father’s Day flower delivery:

  • Large service area. We deliver flowers to Bedford, New York and the surrounding communities. Check out our flower delivery locations to see if we can deliver flowers to your community.
  • Convenient online ordering. We understand you have a busy schedule. That’s why we save you time with convenient online ordering features. Don’t have to waste time visiting our local shop to get the flowers for Father’s Day. Instead, order flower arrangements online.
  • Premium floral arrangements. We employ florists with years of experience making floral arrangements that people love. The artistry of our arrangements makes each bouquet and tabletop design a gorgeous gift for special holidays like Father’s Day.
  • Excellent customer service. One of the benefits of being a local business is that we genuinely care about our customers and our community. We offer flower delivery with a smile, and that’s what keeps our clients coming back to our shop again and again.

Why Are Seasonal Flowers Best?

Father’s Day takes place right at the start of summer, which means its peak bloom for many seasonal flowers! From roses to dahlias, there are so many flowers in bloom at this time of year. Seasonal flowers are the best options because they’re perfectly suited for the weather and climate, which means they’ll last longer in the conditions inside your home. Seasonal flowers are also more abundant, which makes them more affordable.

Contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Father’s Day Flower Arrangements

The florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe create stunning Father’s Day flower arrangements and provide reliable, prompt delivery. If we don’t deliver to your area, call us today and make arrangements to pick up flowers at our local shop located in Bedford, New York.

Need flowers for an upcoming special event? Contact our florists for information about flowers for weddings, special occasions, holidays, and more!

How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Mother’s Day

There’s no one quite like your mom – her endless patience, innate selflessness, and unconditional love are gifts that truly can’t be matched. So, come Mother’s Day, how do you honor her years of dedication to you and your family?

This year, celebrate your mom with a gift that will brighten her day and her home – a handcrafted flower arrangement from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. As a leading Mother’s Day flower shop in Pound Ridge, NY, we have everything you need to show your mom just how much you care on her special day.

Below, we’ve compiled a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect Mother’s Day flower bouquet.

1. Color

Beyond their delicate shape and refreshing scent, the beauty of flowers lies in their gorgeous colors. From lush lavender roses to serene white hydrangeas, there is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting your ideal hue.

As you’re shopping for Mother’s Day flowers in North Salem, NY, you should take some time to think about the overall feeling you want to convey with your gift. For example, bright, pastel hues feel fresh and cheerful, while dark, jewel tones are warm and passionate. Most importantly, you’ll want to consider your mom’s favorite colors, too.

2. Flowers

Just as there are endless color options to choose from, Mother’s Day flowers also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. When selecting a flower bouquet for Mother’s Day, be sure to find an arrangement that includes your mom’s favorite flower. If she doesn’t have one, you can’t go wrong with seasonal options like roses, orchids, or carnations.

3. Style

Where does your mom fall in terms of personal style? The Mother’s Day flowers you choose should reflect both her design sense and overall personality. For example, large, exotic flower bouquets are best suited for moms who love bold, bright aesthetics. Meanwhile, simple, dainty options are ideal for moms with timeless taste.

4. Size

Another important characteristic to consider when shopping for Mother’s Day flowers in Bedford Hills, NY, is the size of the bouquet. This will largely depend on where your mom typically displays her flowers. So, while a large, lush flower bouquet might make the grand statement you’re looking for, it could also overcrowd her space and look unbalanced.

5. Longevity

The last thing you want to do is give your mom a bouquet that wilts a day later. To ensure your Mother’s Day flowers are as durable and long-lasting as possible, it’s best to invest in an arrangement from a skilled florist that uses high-quality flowers and cuts them to order, so they are fresh upon arrival.

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe: A Leading Source for Mother’s Day Flowers in New York

If you’re searching for Mother’s Day flowers near Katonah, NY, look no further than Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. As a full-service florist, we offer everything from cut flowers for delivery to custom designs for special events. And because we use only the highest-quality flowers in our arrangements, you can rest assured that your Mother’s Day bouquet will leave a lasting impression.

Contact us today to learn more about our Mother’s Day flowers in Somers, NY.

2022 Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Guide

Very Peri Inspired Floral Arrangement

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Want to make your loved one feel extra special this year? Gift them with Valentine’s Day flower arrangements designed by the professionals at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Flowers make the perfect gift for a spouse, partner, best friend, parent, or loved one in your life. Not sure which flowers are best? Every flower has a special meaning. Giving a loved one a Valentine’s Day bouquet that has a certain sentiment makes this gift more magical. There’s even symbolism behind the number of flowers in an arrangement.

For a gift with a special meaning, here’s how to choose the perfect flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day.

Which Flowers Are Best for Valentine’s Day?

Not sure which flowers are right for your special someone? Consider some of our Valentine’s Day favorites!

  • Valentine’s Day Roses. Roses are a beautiful symbol of love. These classic and timeless flowers are a popular staple and a perfect gift on the day of love.
  • Valentine’s Day Peonies. These shaggy, happy flowers strongly resemble roses. They have abundant petals and come in a variety of colors ranging from pinks to whites to cream. Peonies also symbolize romance.
  • Valentine’s Day Potted Orchids. Orchids stand for beauty, love, luxury, and strength. They also convey a sense of tranquility and calm. This is a good flower to give to a friend, a new love interest, or even a parent.
  • Valentine’s Day Tulip Arrangements. Tulips are a symbol of deep and unconditional love. Give tulips to your long-time spouse for a gift that embodies your devotion.
  • Ranunculus Valentine’s Day Bouquets. These flowers symbolize charm, making them an excellent choice to give to your crush!

What Color of Valentine’s Day Flower Should You Choose?

If you’ve settled on a type of flower, it’s now time to choose a color. There’s a meaning to every color of the rainbow, so be sure to choose one that embodies the personality of your loved one or the way they make you feel. Here are some popular flower colors (and their meanings) to pick from:

  • Red is the color of passion and romantic love, which is probably why red roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day favorite.
  • Orange symbolizes happiness, joy, and adventure. This is a good color for flowers being gifted to a friend.
  • Pink is the color of romance, love, innocence, and playfulness. Pink flowers are an excellent choice for a new and budding relationship.
  • Yellow represents friendship, love, and trust. If you’re hoping to bring cheer to a parent or relative on Valentine’s day, consider yellow flowers for your bouquet.
  • Green symbolizes good fortune and resilience. At this time of year, green flowers also point to the future and springtime.
  • Blue flowers evoke feelings of intimacy. Give blue flowers to a long-time partner or spouse to ignite that spark.
  • Purple symbolizes grace, refinement, and beauty. They’re the perfect addition to a bouquet of pink flowers for your love interest.
  • White is associated with purity, innocence, and new marriage. Give white flowers to your fiance as a reminder of your upcoming wedding day.

How Many Flowers for a Bouquet?

The number of flowers you include in an arrangement can make all the difference. One flower means that the recipient is the only one. Three flowers are symbolic of love. Eleven flowers mean the recipient is the “missing flower” in a dozen. If you’re looking to really wow your special someone, consider some of these sentiments and meanings in the number of flowers you choose.

Need Flower Arrangements? Contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Are you seeking unique Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one? Whether you’re buying flowers for a partner, spouse, best friend, or relative, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has Valentine’s Day flower ideas to share!

We only work with the freshest and most lovely seasonal flowers to provide Valentine’s Day flower delivery to areas near our Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. See if we provide delivery to your area!

Our floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day make it easy to give the gift of love this year. We’re your source for beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements! To get started crafting your perfect girl, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Where do I find Inspiration for my Wedding Floral Style?

First, it’s essential to have a mutual agreement on what exactly Inspiration is. With a quick google search, Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. So how can we apply this to finding your wedding flower style?

Get Some Rest

First, you’ll have to be well-rested. Being a shop full of creatives, we understand how difficult it can be to feel inspired when you’re exhausted. It may be worth your while to clear out a weekend to focus entirely on how you want your wedding to look and feel. Once you’ve had some rest, you should surround yourself with things that pull both you and your partner emotionally. A place you had your first date, a town you’ve spent some time in, or even a focus on a common goal. Then think about what design qualities and features those things embody. Is it casual? Is it sophisticated? Cozy? Fun? Loud? Peaceful? When Lauren and I started to think about our wedding, we did it over cocktails and on a long weekend vacation. What we came up with drove all of our decision-making moving forward.

Your Wedding Venue

Your venue will be one of your first selections and a leading source of Inspiration for your style. If you decide that you’re a little more casual and cozy, you may pick something like a Barn or Winery. If you and your partner enjoy urban settings, an industrial venue will be great to start. Once you choose your wedding venue platform, this will be a fixed variable that you will consider when putting your overall aesthetic together.

Wedding Color Palette

Now that you’ve chosen your venue, it’s time to select your wedding color palette. Your color scheme is essential to creating your unique style as it will tie otherwise abstract elements together. You’ll likely want to consider the time of year. Your color palette will connect the bridal party clothing to table decor and, ultimately, your floral designs. It’s best to choose your wedding color palette after choosing your venue and before you choose everything else. If you’re having trouble choosing wedding color ideas, this is an excellent time to tie in your wedding florist designer.

Local Publications and Social Media

Now that you have your venue and color palette, you’re finally ready to identify your wedding flower style. There are SO many places to find Inspiration. If you’d like something local to our area, some hyper-local publications are an excellent place to start. Westchester and Hudson Valley Weddings publishes an annual wedding issue in January. You can typically find it at any grocery store or pharmacy. We also LOVE when a bride has a Pinterest board. We suggest creating a Pinterest board with all of the design elements that you love. It doesn’t have to be JUST flowers. It can be fashion and interior design as well. Once you have that imagery Lauren and our team can find consistency among images. Specific flowers may show up regularly as well as different floral design styles.

Contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for Premium Wedding Flower Style Consultation

Through this process of incorporating your venue, color palette, design preferences, and most importantly, your relationship, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is able to design a truly unique wedding flower theme for your wedding day.  Please fill out our wedding questionnaire here and contact us to receive consultation from our floral design team to begin creating a truly unique expression of who you are and who you’re going to be through our premium quality wedding floral design.

How to Pick the Best Flower Arrangements for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting a small, casual gathering or a formal dinner party, creating a warm, welcoming, and beautiful environment at Thanksgiving is important. A variety of elements contribute to the overall feeling of your event, including your table decor, lighting, background music, and – perhaps most importantly – flowers. The right flower arrangements can pull your design together and elevate your interior, adding a festive yet elegant touch.

Choosing your Thanksgiving flower arrangements carefully will help ensure you get exactly what you want. Below, we’ve compiled our top tips for selecting the best floral arrangements for Thanksgiving, as well as some floral centerpiece ideas.

Think About the Mood You Want to Create

Kick-off your flower selection process by deciding how you want your Thanksgiving event to feel. The environment you hope to create will influence the type of flowers you select (and vice versa!).

For example, if you’re hosting a casual, laid-back gathering, choose one or two simple, traditional arrangements for your home. Or, to create a dreamy, whimsical vibe, talk to your florist about loose or free-form flowers.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Select your color scheme before choosing flower arrangements for Thanksgiving. This will make it easier to ensure your flowers coordinate with the rest of your decor.

Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns are classic Thanksgiving colors – and they all look beautiful in a floral display. However, you don’t always have to stick with traditional color palettes. Here are some other hues to consider for your flowers and home decor:

  • Red, maroon, and green
  • Blue and orange
  • White and neutrals
  • Orange, peach, and yellow
  • Burgundy and pink

Consider Your Table Settings

When choosing your Thanksgiving centerpieces, it’s important to consider what else will be on the table. Think about the number of plates you’ll set out, whether you’ll need room for a turkey and side dishes, and more.

To ensure you’ll have room for your table arrangements, consider performing a practice run and placing dishes, napkins, and other elements on your table. Leave a big space for the flowers, and take a picture to show to your florist when you place your order. This will help them recommend the right flowers for you.

Pick Seasonal Blooms

Flowers look better when they’re seasonally appropriate and fresh, so it’s a good idea to choose blooms that are in season. Below are some examples of flowers that are available during Thanksgiving:

  • Roses
  • Leucadendron
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Lisianthus
  • Butterfly Ranunculus
  • Peonies
  • Scabiosa
  • Tulips
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hypericum

Select the Right Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement Styles

Choose the size of your arrangements carefully. Your dining room table and the number of guests should play a role in this decision-making process. It’s essential not to overwhelm a smaller table with a large centerpiece, especially if there will also be many dishes and place settings on it. Conversely, a small, compact arrangement will look out of place on a large, farmhouse-style dining table.

You should also match the arrangement style to the location in your house. For example, a bouquet is ideal for a kitchen island or entryway, while low, lush centerpieces are perfect for the table.

Set the Scene for a Memorable Thanksgiving with Help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe offers a selection of pre-arranged flowers, as well as custom floral services. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to schedule a consultation with our expert florists or place an order. Or, visit us on Instagram or Facebook for more Thanksgiving flower arrangement ideas.

Wedding Inspiration: A Timeless Winter Celebration in Tomkins Cove, NY

There’s nothing quite like a winter wedding – with crisp details and light, neutral color palettes, the colder months provide the perfect backdrop for classic, elegant ceremonies. Mike and Gabi channeled the ambiance of the season during their traditional-style wedding ceremony and reception.

The couple’s big day featured a selection of custom floral arrangements designed by our expert florists. Our team worked hard to ensure every piece encapsulated Gabi’s traditional style and made the celebration even more special.

Want to learn more about Mike and Gabi’s wedding? Read on for a recap of the event and how Bedford Village Flower Shoppe helped bring it all together.

Creating a Classic Atmosphere

Mike and Gabi celebrated their nuptials alongside over 120 of their friends and family members. The ceremony and reception took place at the Bear Mountain Inn, a historic hotel and conference center located at the base of Bear Mountain in Tomkins Cove, NY. The venue’s warm, cozy ambiance was the perfect setting for a winter wedding and created gorgeous contrast with the couple’s crisp, classic theme.

Types of Custom Flower Arrangements

The Bedford Village Flower Shoppe team created many types of wedding flower arrangements for Mike and Gabi’s traditional event. Custom designs included the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, cocktail table arrangements, dessert table decor, table garlands, and signage decor. However, the star of the show was the sweetheart table, which sat in front of a large stone fireplace filled with candles. Our team adorned the table and fireplace with flowers to highlight the bride and groom during the reception.

Types of Wedding Flowers Used

To complement the traditional theme of the wedding, we stuck with white flowers and lush greenery. This color palette worked well for winter and allowed the rustic design of the venue to stand out. For the flowers, we chose to incorporate white roses, peonies, anemones, and lisianthus. We accented the crisp white blooms with a variety of greenery, including seeded eucalyptus and dusty miller. Fresh yet timeless, this combination was the perfect finishing touch that pulled the entire decor together.

Design Your Dream Wedding Day with Help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Whether you want to take a note from Gabi and Mike and host a traditional celebration or you prefer something more bohemian, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can bring your vision to life. We’re proud to serve couples in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and surrounding areas with a wide selection of custom wedding flower services.

For more information about how we can help you adorn your wedding with premium flowers, contact us today. Or, check out our Instagram and Facebook for even more flower bouquet ideas and wedding design inspiration!

Wedding Inspiration: A Romantic, Hybrid Ceremony in Chappaqua, NY

Unusual circumstances call for creative solutions – and that’s exactly what prompted Devyn and Brian to make their wedding day a hybrid event to keep guests safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple invited 20 people to attend their wedding on-site and set up a computer that allowed others to attend via Zoom.

Devyn and Brian’s big day featured a variety of elegant floral arrangements designed by our expert team. Each flower was carefully chosen to complement the stunning venue and decor, resulting in a truly memorable day.

Read on to learn more about Devyn and Brian’s wedding and how Bedford Village Flower Shoppe helped bring their vision to life.

Setting the Scene

Devyn and Brian tied the knot at Crabtree’s Kittle House Restaurant and Inn, an award-winning wedding venue located in historic Chappaqua, New York. The setting featured a beautiful, colonial-style home accented by a garden, indoor and outdoor seating, and elegant details like crown molding, ceiling tiles, and antique furniture. It was the perfect backdrop for their romantic, Bohemian, and free-form theme.

Types of Wedding Flower Arrangements

Our talented team of florists created a variety of arrangements for the couple. Devyn walked down the aisle holding a free-form bouquet tied with silk ribbon and a jeweled brooch. It featured gorgeous autumnal colors, including deep oranges, reds, yellows, and ruby-purple. The colors from the bride’s bouquet were repeated in various arrangements throughout the ceremony, including boutonnieres, corsages, a ceremony arch, sweetheart table decor, centerpieces, cake flowers, and more.

Featured Types of Wedding Flowers

Devyn and Brian’s custom flower arrangements featured a wide range of beautiful blooms, including calla lilies, ranunculus, dianthus, roses, astrantia, Italian Ruscus, seeded eucalyptus, and celosia. Some of these varieties were selected because of their seasonality, while others were chosen for their shape, coloring, and graceful form.

Ranunculus, for example, comes in a variety of colors and includes delicate, rose-like petals. Their large, shaggy blossoms aligned perfectly with the couple’s theme. Purple calla lilies, meanwhile, are both mysterious and beautiful, featuring a slightly arched shape and romantic coloring. This flower served as the perfect statement piece for Devyn’s bouquet.

Planning a Wedding? Let Bedford Village Flower Shoppe Handle All of Your Floral Service Needs

Feeling inspired by Devyn and Brian’s elegant event? Create a wedding just as stunning and memorable with help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. We offer a wide range of wedding flower services for couples in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and the surrounding areas. From the initial consultation to your wedding-day installation, our team will work with you to ensure your floral vision is brought to life.

Contact us today to learn more about our wedding services, and check out our Instagram or Facebook for more wedding inspiration, flower bouquet ideas, and more.