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Refined Flower Delivery in Katonah, NY

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is delighted to extend its refined flower delivery services to Katonah, NY, elevating every occasion with fresh, dazzling flowers that seamlessly blend with any theme and instantly uplift spirits. Whether it’s commemorating anniversaries, marking birthdays, celebrating holidays, or showering love at baby showers, our vibrant blooms are selected with the utmost care to enhance your special moments.

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Why Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is Your Choice for Premium Floral Design & Arrangements in Katonah, NY?

Reason #1

World-Class Designers

Our quality starts with our owner and lead designer, Lauren Chillemi, EMC, one of the few Master European Floral Designers in the entire world. Lauren achieved her certification through extensive knowledge of hundreds of flowers, plants, and foliage, including their care, blooming times, and design integration.

She personally trains all our designers at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, emphasizing quality control and design mechanics through a rigorous 4-level curriculum. Achieving the highest level of certification requires at least a year of dedicated training under Lauren’s guidance.

Lauren Chillemi - florist and owner of Bedford Village Flower Shoppe
Spring floral arrangement from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Reason #2

Premium Flower Quality

Lauren, who oversees flower purchasing for our shop, prioritizes quality and has established solid connections with wholesalers, distributors, and local farms to ensure access to the highest quality flowers. Depending on the need, flowers are sourced from as far as Italy or as close as upstate New York and Westchester County, showcasing our commitment to excellence and variety.

Reason #3


We have a strong commitment to our customer satisfaction. The owners, Lauren and Anthony Chillemi, are in the shop all week (we live five miles away) and handle any customer concerns. We ensure that anyone who orders flowers with us is happy with their arrangement, or we are happy to provide a full refund, no questions asked.

We have a 96-hour guarantee. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers. This starts with listening to the customer’s needs, aligning expectations, and delivering on our promises.

Lauren and Anthony Chillemi at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe
Bright pink floral arrangement on a pool-side bar, designed by Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Reason #4

Design Mechanics

Flower arrangement techniques really matter for both the look and lifespan of a bouquet. Some pretty flowers don’t hold up well in certain setups, like floral foam or chicken wire, and work better in arrangements that use their natural shape. Although some flowers and designs look great, they might only be good for one-day events and not suitable for someone wanting to send a gift that lasts longer.

Thanks to our 7 years of experience, we’ve put together collections that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

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Your Esteemed Florists in Katonah, NY

For unparalleled quality flowers in Katonah, NY, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is your unparalleled choice. Recognized as the area’s quintessential florist, we pride ourselves on providing fresh, top-tier flowers to satisfy all your floral requirements.

Keen on learning more about our delivery services, tailor-made arrangements, or our assortment of luxurious flowers? Our warm, experienced team is ready to respond to all your floral queries and guide you towards selecting the perfect flowers.

Invite Bedford Village Flower Shoppe to bring a flourish of elegance and beauty to your next celebration with our sophisticated floral designs. Contact us today; let the transformative allure of flowers make your celebration a memory to cherish forever.