Five Simple Yet Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bouquets are one of the most beautiful and important features of your wedding day. While almost every bride carries a bridal bouquet, some couples also order other types, including bridesmaids’ bouquets, the toss bouquet, and sometimes the flower girl’s bouquet. These arrangements can range from small and minimalist to large and lush, depending on your wedding theme, budget, and vision.

Are you looking for a sophisticated bouquet to carry on your wedding day? Below, we’ve compiled five chic, simple wedding bouquet ideas to inspire your floral design. Let’s take a look!

1. Loose and Free-Form

Free-form bouquets feature a variety of flowers in a loose, unstructured style. They’re a popular choice for modern brides because they allow plenty of room to get creative with different shapes, stem lengths, and more. Bohemian, rustic, and vintage weddings all offer the perfect aesthetic to match this arrangement style. Try using a feature flower like a dahlia, peony, or garden rose and accenting it with jasmine, waxflower, or scabiosa for an overflowing, whimsical look.

2. Preserved Combined with Fresh

Preserved flowers offer gorgeous texture and shape, while fresh flowers supply a lovely scent and delicate beauty. The contrast created when you style the two together is striking – making these bouquets perfect for the bride or bridesmaids.

Keep in mind that some flowers are easier to dry than others. Your wedding florist will suggest which preserved blooms are best for your bouquet, but some common options include protea, strawflower, and seeded eucalyptus. All of these varieties have a low moisture content, making them easier to preserve.

3. Monochromatic

Choosing flowers in the same color (or different shades of the same color) is an excellent way to make a chic statement on your wedding day. Monochromatic bouquets can be white to match the bride’s dress or highlight a single hue from the event’s color palette. The best part about this design style is that there are so many ways to get creative. Try building a bouquet made entirely of pink roses, or select a few different flowers (perhaps Muscari, orchids, and thistle) in the same color to add dimension.

4. Tight and Compact

Tight, compact bouquets offer a refined yet understated aesthetic. They allow the attention to remain on the bride (and her dress) while acting as a chic accessory. Many flowers fit nicely in a tight, compact bouquet, but roses, peonies, and ranunculus are some of our favorite options.

5. Cascading

Cascading flower arrangements flow downward, much like a waterfall. This bouquet style is both whimsical and sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for garden weddings, ballroom weddings, and other events with ornate decorations.

Some of the most popular flowers for cascading bouquets are roses, orchids, blooming jasmine, calla lilies, ivy, and lace fern.

Choosing the Best Type of Bouquet for Your Event

With so many fresh flower wedding bouquet ideas, it can be hard to determine which one will meet all of your floral needs. Luckily, the experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe are here to help. With a European Master’s Certification in floral design and a degree in horticulture from NY Botanical Gardens, our lead florist, Lauren Chillemi, can take your wedding bouquet vision and bring it to life with fresh, premium flowers.

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