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Flowers for Funerals and Their Meanings

Funeral flowers can serve as decorations, a way to pay respects, and a beautiful gift to express your deepest sympathies for someone’s loss. When it comes to buying sympathy flowers or floral arrangements for funerals, it’s helpful to know their meanings. Funeral flower meanings differ by flower or arrangement design, so it’s important to ensure you’re choosing flowers with the right message. 

When you’re working with the professionals at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, you need not worry about the funeral flower design – we’ll take care of it. Our professional florists can help by explaining the meanings of various flower types, colors, and arrangement styles. Here’s our complete guide to funeral flower arrangements to help you choose a flower and style that expresses your sympathies in a meaningful way.

What Flowers Are Commonly Used in Funeral Arrangements?


Roses are a symbol of love and respect. They’re also elegant and almost universally beloved, so they’re one of the most common types of funeral flowers. Yellow roses are a favorite choice for celebrating life, especially the life of a beloved friend. Red roses are a sign of deep and enduring love and are a popular choice for a lost spouse or a lost beloved relative.


Hydrangeas are large and bulbous. They add volume, texture, and elegance to any flower arrangement. Their bulky shape makes them perfect for stand-up floral sprays. These flowers are available in blue, a color that symbolizes mourning and brings gravity to your floral arrangement.


Delphiniums, also known as larkspur, grow in long, delicate spear shapes. These lush flowers symbolize an open heart as well as love and attachment. Delphinium can add height to your casket spray. Like hydrangeas, delphiniums come in blue.


Stocks are characterized by long-lasting blossoms and are symbolic of a happy life, which makes this flower perfect for remembering the life of a departed loved one.


Snapdragons are an excellent addition to large floral arrangements. Their long spears make them an eye-catching option, and they come in a range of colors. 

Funeral Floral Arrangements

When it comes to funeral flower arrangements, we’re the experts in beautiful bouquets that celebrate life. Sometimes choosing the best floral arrangement for an upcoming funeral can be a challenge. Here are a few options to choose from:

Casket Sprays

A casket spray is a flat bouquet that’s placed on the casket or the headstone as an offering. Casket sprays often use long-stemmed flowers. Short-stemmed flowers can be used as well, but they must have their stems lengthened with wire.

Floor Bouquets

Floor bouquets are used to decorate the floor around the casket. Floor bouquets are made from large arrangements with large blossoms.


A wreath is used to symbolize eternal life. These flower arrangements can be circular or heart-shaped. They are often placed on easels by the casket.


Cross arrangements are similar to wreaths but they are arranged in the shape of a cross. These arrangements are used as an alternative to crosses and are perfect for more religious funerals.

Sympathy Flower Colors and Meanings

It’s also important to pick flowers with colors that embody your message, whether that is sympathy for the family or celebrating the life of the deceased. Each color has its own meaning, so you can choose sympathy flowers that are the most meaningful to you and your relationship with the newly departed.

  • Red flowers are symbolic of beauty, strength, and passion.
  • Blue funeral flowers symbolize hope and well-wishes for the family of the deceased.
  • Yellow flowers symbolize happy memories and the celebration of life.
  • White flowers evoke feelings of peace and innocence, so they’re a very common funeral flower color.
  • Pink represents sympathy and respect and is thus commonly found at funerals.
  • Purple signifies sympathy and respect. The subtlety of purple flowers makes them the perfect color for a funeral flower arrangement, especially when paired with blue or white.

Paying Respects to the Grieving with Flowers

Sending flowers conveys respect to the family and loved ones of the recently deceased. Work with a reputable florist to ensure that the flower bouquet you choose is appropriate for the upcoming funeral.

Funeral Flower Delivery in Bedford, NY

Do you need funeral flower delivery in Bedford Village or the surrounding areas? See our delivery radius to find out if we can deliver beautiful funeral flowers to an upcoming event. Call today to make an appointment and learn more about our flower delivery for funerals.

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