Love Potion Inspired Flower Arrangement


Valentine’s Day Gifts

None Large Heart Shaped Chocolate Sample +$65.00 Medley of Pink Balloons +$35.00 Heart Shaped Card +$6.00
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The Love Potion Inspired Arrangement is a truly magnificent work of art, designed with all the elements of love combined into one breathtaking bouquet! This unforgettable piece features an exquisite combination of beautiful reds, pinks, and blushes in an asymmetrical design. Whether you’re sending it to your one true love or simply adding a dash of romance to your home or office, this spectacular bouquet captures the timeless sentiment of Valentine’s Day. Our master florists have crafted this stunning arrangement using only the freshest flowers, so when it arrives, it is guaranteed to take your breath away! With its luxurious look and elegant design, the  Love Potion Inspired Arrangement will leave a lasting impression on whoever receives it. Don’t wait any longer and give that special someone something from the heart this Valentine’s Day!