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Tea-Time Treats Basket


Take the time to enjoy Tea-Time Treats! Our baskets are the perfect way to indulge in rest and relaxation. Our classic basket will treat you with two beautiful glass Baglioni teacups and accompanying saucers, a Fragrant Rosebud Single Origin Flower Tea, and a Bouquet De Sucre. If you want more pampering, opt for the premium basket, which enhances your tea experience with spoons, a napkin holder, tea napkins, and a seasonal 9.5 oz candle. For even more luxurious indulgence, we offer the deluxe basket that provides all the above goodies, two additional teacups and saucer sets, and a cutting board with various preserves and spreads accompanied by a spreading knife. All of our items are picked with seasonality in mind, so please bear in mind that some items may be subject to change due to availability. Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll be sure to provide an inviting setting for taking a moment away from your day-to-day hustle and bustle—a chance for your loved ones (or yourself!) to envelope themselves in warmth and restorative tranquility. Shop Tea-Time Treats now for the perfect gift of comfort when time is tight!

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