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How to Make Your Holiday Floral Arrangements Last

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like gorgeous seasonal flowers to make your home, office, or special event festive and bright. Fresh holiday floral arrangements are the perfect way to add a bit of holiday flair and decorate for the season.

Not only do holiday flower arrangements from a local Somers florist add a decorative, designer touch to your holiday décor, but with proper care, you can ensure they stay fresh and beautiful through the New Year! Read on for five tips for making your holiday floral arrangements last from the experts at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Five Ways to Keep Your Holiday Floral Arrangements Fresh

When you decorate your home with festive, eye-catching flowers, it’s only natural that you’ll want to keep them around for as long as possible. Use the following tips to extend your arrangement’s lifespan:

1. Remove the Lower Leaves

To keep your holiday flower arrangements as fresh as possible, it’s crucial to remove any lower dead or wilted leaves touching the water in the container or vase. These leaves can rot quickly, spreading bacteria in the water that can cause your flowers to die prematurely. Removing them will keep the arrangement fresh and allow it to thrive.

2. Keep Your Flowers Cool

Fresh holiday flower arrangements are sensitive to temperatures. Flowers that are too hot will dry out, causing the leaves to wilt. Therefore, holiday floral arrangements are best kept away from any heat sources, such as radiators or vents, as well as direct sunlight.

While cool temperatures are best for promoting your flowers’ longevity, it’s important not to let them get too cold. Exposure to air conditioning and drafts can also cause flowers to dehydrate.

3. Ensure Vase Water is Fresh

Your holiday flowers will maintain their beautiful colors and last throughout the holiday season if they have abundant fresh water. Aim to change the water every few days, especially when it becomes cloudy. You should also ensure that all of the stems are completely submerged under the water for the best results.

4. Feed Your Flowers

Help your flower arrangements stay fresh longer by giving them the nutrients they need. Feeding them flower food that contains sugar, an acidifier to balance the pH level of the water, and bleach to kill any bacteria will keep your blooms alive and festive through the New Year celebration.

5. Trim the Flower Stems

For your holiday floral arrangements to thrive, it’s best to remove the flowers from the vase each week and re-cut the stems. Trim about an inch off of the bottom using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. You should trim the stem at an angle so that the flowers can soak up the water more easily.

Celebrate the Season with Premium Flower Arrangements from an Expert Florist in Somers, NY

If you’re looking for high-quality bouquets and flower arrangements to liven up your space or decorate your Old Bedford Village wedding, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has everything you need. We offer a variety of pre-made special event floral arrangements and can also help you create a custom design.

For more information about our holiday flowers, or to speak to one of our florists, contact us today!

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