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10 of the Best Flowers to Give as Gifts This Easter

From a simple vase of stems to a tabletop arrangement overflowing with color, Easter arrangements bring beauty, joy, and meaning to holiday observances. While white lilies are often thought of as the classic Easter flower, there are many options beyond this traditional bloom.

Whether you’re sending bouquets to your loved ones or decorating for the occasion, here are some of our favorite flowers for Easter:

1. Easter Lilies

Sprouting from a bulb that can be grown in the ground or foil-wrapped pots, the white trumpet lily is large, showy, and significant for the Easter season. It has important symbolism for Christians, and its striking, long-lasting beauty makes it a top choice. When planted in the ground, this flower normally blooms in summer, but its popularity prompts growers to force its blooming cycle to coincide with Easter observances.

2. Daffodils

These familiar early spring blooms are also traditional for Easter. As some of the first flowers to emerge after the long winter, daffodils symbolize new life and rebirth – both of which are common themes during Easter time. They are also the birthday flower for March, giving them even more meaning for the season.

3. Other Lily Varieties

White isn’t the only option for Easter lilies – colorful varieties lend style and elegance to seasonal bouquets, too. They also provide a stunning accent for simpler and more traditional flowers.

4. Tulips

Who doesn’t love the color and dramatic show of a blooming field of tulips? Because they are so vibrant and full of life, tulips are a wonderful choice for an Easter bouquet. Their long stems, simple leaves, and rounded shapes also mix well with other flowers in distinctive arrangements.

5. Daisies

In the world of flowers, daisies represent purity, hope, innocence, and serenity. They’re also widely recognized as being iconic of spring. Dainty yet colorful, these blooms work well as accents in floral arrangements and as centerpieces for spring bouquets.

6. Hyacinths

Alone or grouped with other flowers, the scent of hyacinth is unmistakable – and just one of its distinctive qualities. The small blooms, which grow on a stalk, resemble colorful miniature lilies. Lavender, purple, and pink hyacinths are popular, but wine red and yellow hues are great accent blooms, too.

7. Chrysanthemums

The pompon shape of the chrysanthemum is a beautiful asset when used with more traditional Easter flowers. Though often thought of as a fall flower, these blooms offer the perfect vivid touch to spring arrangements.

8. Carnations

Most people agree that carnations, in all their infinite variety, are an excellent choice for any special celebration (or for no reason at all). We think they’re perfect for Easter flower arrangements as well. Colorful, frilly, and eye-catching, carnations are a joyful expression when used alone or in tandem with other flowers.

9. Easter Cactus

Just as there are Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti, a variety of “epiphytic cactus” plants bloom around Easter with flowers of varying colors. Why not embrace something different this year? This colorful yet hardy plant is sure to add a unique touch to any arrangement.

10. Roses

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s day; rather, they are a timeless floral option for Easter and any other occasion throughout the year. If red roses feel too romantic for your Easter bouquets, opt for white, pink, or even peach hues.

Give the Gift of Joy This Easter

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is well-equipped to handle your unique Easter gifting needs. Let us create a lush, colorful compote for your sister’s coffee table, a dramatic entry vase of Easter lilies and exotic blooms for your mom, or a joyful springtime centerpiece for your own dining table. Our expert florists will handle all of your gift requests, and we can help you enhance your surroundings with meaningful and memorable floral expressions.

Contact us to order your Easter arrangements, and ask about our subscription plan that will brighten your life with flowers throughout the year!

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