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Spring Is Here: Liven Up Your Interior with Our Favorite Flowers for the New Season

Spring bouquets aren’t just for romance. The truth is that once the new season arrives, green leaves and colorful flowers seem to be everywhere. Blooming plants brighten the landscape, and cut flowers can bring fresh scents and striking beauty into a home.

If you’re not yet in the habit of decorating your interiors with floral arrangements, you might be surprised at how much enjoyment a simple vase of spring flowers can bring to your life. None of us can help but smile at the “happy faces” that early-blooming crocus and daffodils present to the world. They’ll also brighten the rooms of your home!

Choosing the Best Spring Flowers for Your Décor

The best spring flowers are the ones that bring a smile to your face. Set a simple pitcher of sunny daffodils or colorful tulips on a kitchen counter, and you can’t help but begin your day in a better mood!

While wildflowers are in bloom along the roadways, you might also capture that natural feeling with a casual arrangement of gerbera daisies, anemone, peonies, dahlias, and cornflowers in your den. Or, consider a vase of blush roses, pale camellia, and dusky eucalyptus for slightly more subdued spring bouquets. You can also opt for a sophisticated look with multi-colored calla lilies, other lily varieties, and bright poppies.

The best part about flowers? The choice is entirely up to you; spring flower arrangements do not necessarily have to match your décor style. Whether you prefer muted blooms or your taste leans towards a mix of bold colors, spring flowers are one of the best possible home décor accessories. Use them to your advantage when planning a get-together with friends or simply lift your spirits after the long winter. Fresh flowers are as appropriate in a bedroom as in the dining room, and colorful blooms are welcome even at a picnic table!

Why Choose Professional Flower Arrangements

When decorating your home with flowers for spring, it’s best to select bouquets and arrangements from a trusted florist. This is because, with the proper care, professional floral arrangements will retain their beauty for a week or more. Plus, artfully-designed bouquets and centerpieces bring an elevated look to any space with ease. Flowers freshly picked from a garden are wonderful, of course. But even if you’re not a gardener, there’s little reason not to enjoy fresh flowers in your home environment.

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe specializes in premium seasonal flowers. Our expert florists hand-select the best available stock to create lush floral displays that can be as whimsical or as elegant as you wish. We are also local experts in wedding bouquets, stunning tabletop arrangements for receptions and anniversaries, and flowers for all of the other milestones of life. Our stylists will help you choose the right mix to complement any style, and we will work with you to design floral displays for any occasion – or just for the fun of it.

Spring is the season to celebrate new life and growth, new beginnings, and a sense of hope for the future. So, why not consider a six or 12-month subscription for monthly floral arrangements to bring that color and joy to your home on a regular basis?

We also invite you to contact us for special occasions that require knowledge and creativity for bouquets, centerpieces, and floral displays. We’ll help you learn the language of flowers and assist you in creating the perfect message!

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