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Best Wedding Flowers for Intimate Backyard Weddings

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still a significant concern across the country, many couples will be opting for smaller, more intimate ceremonies this year – some of which will take place in their own backyards! While these types of weddings might feel different from traditional, elaborate affairs, they can still benefit from beautiful flowers and floral arrangements.

In need of some inspiration? Below, we’re discussing several of our favorite micro-wedding flowers. Let’s take a look!

1. King Protea

King protea flowers aren’t just exotic – they’re also hardy enough to withstand warmer temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for summer weddings. They come in a wide range of colors and are especially beautiful when paired with eucalyptus branches. If you prefer simple yet striking backyard wedding flowers, opt for an arrangement of two or three king protea flowers for your bouquet.

2. Sunflowers

If you’re hosting a summer wedding and would like to incorporate seasonal wedding flowers throughout your décor, sunflowers are a natural choice. Their bright yellow flowers are synonymous with warm summer days, and their thick stems provide optimal durability. When kept in water, they can even last several days for added enjoyment.

3. Succulents

Succulents aren’t flowers, but they are shockingly durable and capable of withstanding both heat and dry spells. These plants are ideal when used as fillers for bouquets and arrangements, as their muted color helps other flowers stand out.

4. Ranunculus and Anemones

Ranunculus and anemones are in the same family and are both great options for an intimate outdoor wedding. Anemones feature a striking black center, which makes their bright petals pop. They also look beautiful when paired with the romantic, swirling petals of ranunculus blossoms.

5. Garden Roses

Garden roses may look delicate, but they blossom in heat and will stand up well to hours in the sun during your wedding. These flowers are available in a wide variety of hues, making them a flexible option that can fit any color scheme.

6. Jasmine

Not only is jasmine delicate and beautiful, but its rich, sweet smell will enhance the atmosphere of any wedding. Pair this trailing flower with other blossoms, or make a bouquet of jasmine alone – you simply can’t go wrong!

7. Dahlias

Nothing says summer and outdoors like a large, mesmerizing dahlia. These flowers really are the focus when they’re added to mixed bouquets. With their bright, oversized petals, you can’t help but stare at them.

8. Hibiscus

Are you holding a tropical wedding? If so, the hibiscus is a staple flower. This stunning blossom makes the perfect centerpiece in any bouquet or other arrangement. Hibiscus also fares well when tucked behind an ear or into a beautiful hairdo.

Flower Tips for Backyard Weddings

Whether you’re still looking for arrangements or are getting ready to set up your décor, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your wedding flowers. The following tips can help you ensure your bouquets and centerpieces look great on your wedding day:

  • Work with a Professional Florist – An expert florist can recommend local wedding flowers that are in-season at the time of year when your wedding will occur. Seasonal flowers typically last longer and will maintain their appearance better during your event.
  • Mist Your Flowers – To prevent your arrangements from drying out, mist them with water throughout the day.
  • Keep Vases Filled with Water – Flowers need water, especially when they’re outside in the heat. Keep your vases filled with water throughout the day to ensure they’re properly hydrated.

For more information about intimate wedding flowers, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. Our team is happy to help you find the perfect arrangements for your special day!

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