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The Best Wedding Flowers for Spring, Summer, and Fall Events

Flowers add visual appeal to any wedding, from the bride’s bouquet to the centerpieces at the reception. While daisies, roses, and succulents are traditional wedding flowers that are available year-round, seasonal flowers add a unique touch and are often more affordable than other options. Therefore, when choosing your wedding flowers, consider opting for fresh, in-season blooms.

Below, we’re discussing the best flowers for spring, summer, and fall events. Let’s take a look!

Spring Wedding Flowers

From mid-March to mid-June, spring is in bloom. Naturally, this season offers dozens of options for colorful and fragrant floral arrangements. When designing your bouquet, consider including one or more of the following flowers:

  • Irises add a pop of color to bridesmaids’ flowers and centerpiece arrangements.
  • Lilacs fill your venue with fragrance and are available in pink and purple bundles.
  • Magnolias are elegant white flowers with a romantic, sophisticated scent.
  • Peonies feature delicate, romantic petals in pastel and bright colors.
  • Stocks grow in dense clusters and feature a spicy, clove-like aroma.
  • Tulips are a timeless option that is both sturdy and colorful.
  • Zinnias look similar to daisies and can withstand warmer spring temperatures.

For other springtime blooms, look for cherry blossoms, forsythia, hyacinth, hydrangea, sweet pea, and viburnum.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Many colorful, vibrant floral options bloom from mid-June to mid-September and thrive in warmer temperatures. Select these summer flowers to give your day a unique visual appeal:

  • Astilbes are feathery and densely packed wildflowers that add texture to parent’s and grandparent’s corsages and bouquets.
  • Clematis features delicate petals and grows like a vine with stems that twist around the other flowers in your decor.
  • Daffodils are joyful yellow flowers that complement overflowing, lush bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Hydrangea are massive collections of white, pink, or purple blossoms. They look great on their own or nestled among other greenery.
  • Lavender emits a subtle aromatic scent, and the small flowers are the perfect size for the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.
  • Sunflowers feature bold blooms that are ideal for rustic themed weddings.
  • Tiger Lilies have vibrant markings and bright colors, making them particularly beautiful at outdoor weddings.

Other ideal summer wedding flowers include mock orange, iris, heather, and lisianthus.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Weddings held between mid-September and mid-December benefit from the look of deep, vibrant foliage. Consider these colorful options for your autumn flower arrangements and centerpieces:

  • Chrysanthemum comes in orange, burgundy, rose pinks, and other autumn colors.
  • Crabapples change from green to red as fall progresses, and the hearty branches are a unique addition to your fall arrangements.
  • Dahlias contain striking colors that match almost any wedding decor palette.
  • Orchids look beautiful and elegant in bouquets, centerpieces, and hair decorations. They bloom in white, pink, blue, and purple.
  • Snapdragons feature vivid blossoms in a variety of colorful shades.

Other gorgeous options for fall include circus roses, foliage, hypericum berries, mango calla lilies, moss, seedpods, and sunflowers.

Find or Create the Perfect Arrangements for Your Event with Help from Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Whether you’ll be hosting a spring, summer, or fall wedding, adorning your venue with fresh, seasonal flowers is an excellent way to add a unique touch. No matter what floral designs you have in mind, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe can bring them to life. Our expert florists can help you select a variety of floral wedding décor, including aisle designs, bouquets, and more.

Contact us today to begin designing floral arrangements for your big day!

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