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Eight Tips for Taking Care of Fresh Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room, celebrates a special occasion, or makes someone’s day like a bouquet from your favorite flower shop in Pound Ridge, NY. From beautiful fall arrangements with natural tones to colorful spring flowers bursting with sweet fragrances, fresh flowers are truly a welcome addition for any occasion and space.

Since we all adore fresh-cut flowers in North Salem, NY, we obviously want them to last as long as possible. The team at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe is here to help with our eight tips for caring for your arrangements to ensure they last. Let’s take a look!

1. Give Them Plenty of Fresh Water

Flowers in Bedford Hills will last much longer and keep their beautiful colors when they have plenty of water. Make sure all of the stems of the flowers and foliage are completely submerged for the best results. You should also change cloudy water frequently to maintain freshness.

2. Remove Any Florist Wrappings

Although flowers near Katonah, NY often come in beautiful wrappings, it’s important to remove all decorative florist materials and place them in fresh water as soon as possible. This allows the fresh flowers to breathe and makes them last longer.

3. Choose the Best Flowers for Your Environment

While most bouquets do well in cooler temperatures, remember that flowers have their favorite seasons, too. Certain varieties, such as the bird of paradise, thrive in warmer climates, while more fragile flowers like roses prefer a colder environment.

4. Trim the Stems

Several times a week, remove the flowers from the vase and re-cut the stems, trimming about an inch from the bottom. You should use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the stem on an angle so that the bouquet can soak up the water easily.

5. Watch the Temperature

Fresh flowers are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and being too hot or too cold can cause them to dry out and their leaves to wilt. Therefore, your favorite autumn arrangements and spring flowers in Somers, NY should be displayed away from drafty windows and doors, as well as active heating or air conditioning vents.

6. Feed Them

One of the simplest ways to keep your flowers fresher for longer is to feed them. Most food for flowers contains sugar for nutrients, an acidifier to keep the pH level of the water balanced, and bleach to get rid of harmful bacteria in the water. Together, these ingredients can prolong your arrangement’s lifespan.

7. Find the Perfect Spot

Did you know that where you place your flower arrangements truly matters? You should not keep your flowers near fruit or cigarette smoke, as the ethylene gas produced can harm flowers and plants.

8. Remove Dead Leaves

As your fresh flowers begin to age, it’s important to remove any dead, wilted, or damaged leaves or petals that are in the water of the vase. This helps to keep the water fresh and ensure the flowers thrive.

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe: Your Go-To Source for High-End Flower Arrangements for All Occasions

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe offers the best flowers all year round! Whether you are looking to brighten your own space or someone’s day, we can help. Choose from a colorful bunch of spring flowers, a stunning wedding bouquet, a rustic autumn arrangement, or a festive holiday centerpiece – our Bedford Hills florist has the perfect flowers for you.

For more information about our offerings or to place a custom order, contact us today!

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