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Picking The Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding Arch

Many couples dream of being married beneath a beautiful wedding arch, filled with fresh flowers and foliage. The arch can cast a fantasy-like atmosphere over the ceremony, transforming your wedding into the most important day of your life. The wedding arch is also a focal point during the ceremony, so the flowers, colors, and foliage can make a big impact on your wedding’s aesthetic.

Selecting the right flowers for your arch can be a challenge, so working with an experienced floral designer is important. Choose a floral designer who’s known for their quality floral arrangements. Working with a professional from Bedford Village Flowershop ensures you’ll get the best advice and quality service to support you throughout the selection process. Below, we’ve listed some things to consider as you choose the flowers for your wedding arch.

Choose Your Arch

Some arches are made of metal and look at home in a traditional flower garden, while others are constructed from rustic materials, like raw branches and vines. It’s important to choose a flower arrangement that matches the unique style and material(s) of your arch.

A metal arch may call for an orderly arrangement, with symmetry and balance. However, a more rustic arch may look better with a natural arrangement of flowers, featuring less symmetry and more unexpected surprises.

Color Scheme

It’s imperative to select your wedding colors before choosing the flowers for your arch. Your wedding colors will serve as a guide to help your floral designer recommend the best flowers for your arch. If you haven’t chosen your wedding colors yet, make your choices before ordering flower arrangements.

To make your life easier, consider selecting wedding colors that are seasonally appropriate for your wedding. Deep burgundy, red, and orange are colors that are popular for fall and winter arrangements, whereas pastel colors are more common during the spring and early summer. Having seasonally appropriate colors makes it easier to find the freshest, seasonal flowers to match.

Match Your Flowers to the Surrounding Decor

Your floral arrangement should be influenced by the decor of your ceremony and reception. For example, a modern and minimalist ceremony calls for an orderly, subdued flower arrangement. By contrast, a wedding taking place in a garden may be best complimented by flowers growing in the garden itself.

Is your wedding taking place in an indoor venue with dramatic lighting, attractive drapes, and romantic, feminine touches? Consider a range of ultra-feminine flowers including roses and wisteria and fill empty spaces with eucalyptus. Our florists can also help you choose the best flowers for your venue.

Know Your Budget

The wedding arch can have hundreds of flowers attached to it, and installing those flowers takes some time (and money). So, knowing your flower budget and considering this beforehand is important.

Go into your initial consultation with our floral designers knowing how much you can afford to spend. Your designer will be able to choose flowers that fit your budget and align with the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are recommended at weddings because they stay fresher longer, look better, and often naturally align with the wedding venue’s environment. Talk to your florist to find out which flowers are in season during your wedding event. If you’re choosing out-of-season flowers, be sure to work with a reputable florist with a good supplier.

Combine Draping and Non-Draping Flowers and Foliage

Depending on the design and aesthetic, some arches feature flowers that drape over the couple. Some examples of flowers and foliage that can be used to create a draping effect include:

  • Wisteria – a hanging flower that adds romance and color.
  • Eucalyptus – not a flower, but a long-stemmed form of foliage.
  • Ruscus – draping foliage with a chaotic, artistic appearance.
  • Amaranthus – an unusual, draping flower that adds dramatic color.
  • Willow branches – a draping form of foliage that adds drama and beauty.

Some examples of non-draping flowers include:

  • Spray roses – a wedding classic, found in many arches.
  • Dahlias – known for their large, dramatic blooms.
  • Ranunculus – a flower similar to a rose but packed with petals and explosions of color.

Need Wedding Arch Flowers in Bedford, NY? We Can Help

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe provides wedding flower delivery services in Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Corners, Cross River, Bedford Hills, Ridgefield, Somers, Greenwich, and other surrounding areas. We work with fresh, seasonal flowers and the best florists to ensure our customer’s dream wedding comes together beautifully. To get started selecting your wedding flowers, sign up for one of our wedding consultations today. Call us to learn more!

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