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The Best Flowers for Summer Weddings

With the weather warming, the sun shining, and flowers blooming, summer is an incredibly popular time to get married. Our selection of summer wedding flowers is abundant, which means that brides and grooms have many options to choose from. But what are the best flowers for outdoor summer weddings?

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we’ve picked 10 luxury flowers that are perfect for summer weddings! Here are our favorite wedding flowers for the season.


These large and bold flowers are show-stopping additions to any bridal bouquet. They come in a range of colors and bloom throughout the summer so they’re always fresh.

Garden Roses

Garden roses are a classic summer flower, and they are perfect for bridal bouquets, tabletop arrangements, wedding arches, and more. Roses have a romantic quality that many people respond to naturally. When you see roses, you can’t help but think about romance, love, and – of course – weddings!


Astilbes add an unexpected texture and elegance to any arrangement, which makes them the perfect flower for your bridal bouquet. This fascinating, unusually shaped flower draws attention, adding height and casual beauty.


Snapdragons are another classic summer flower, easily recognized by their unusual blossom shape and spear-like formation. Like astilbe, snapdragons help add height to your bouquets and tabletop arrangements. They make a great companion flower for roses and other traditional garden flowers.


Stock flowers may not have the most romantic-sounding name, but they are undoubtedly lovely. These flowers grow in an upward spear-like shape but have a slightly less orderly appearance than snapdragons. They’re a great option for adding texture to your arrangements.


Peonies are big, shaggy, and beautiful. They are often used for tabletop arrangements. Make peonies the centerpiece flower on all the tables during your reception, or add this flower to a wrist corsage.


Ranunculus blossoms look a lot like roses, but with a greater abundance of petals, spread around in an orderly circle around the center. Ranunculus is a fantastic flower for your summer wedding because they come in almost limitless colors. Find a hue that suits your wedding’s aesthetic!


Hydrangeas are another outstanding flower for outdoor summer weddings. These large, bulbous clusters of blossoms come in pinks, blues, and purples. Blue flowers can be tough to find, so hydrangeas are an excellent choice if this is one of your primary wedding colors. You can even use a hydrangea as your “something blue.”


Anemones are beautiful in their simplicity, with large, round centers and attractive, daisy-like petals. Anemones make a wonderful accompaniment for more dramatic flowers, like roses, or can be used in a bouquet on their own.


Cosmos are similar to anemones and are often confused with daisies. These innocent, sweet flowers come in colors like pink, orange, and white.

Premium Flowers for a Summer Wedding? Choose Bedford Village Flower Shoppe!

The Bedford Village Flower Shoppe florists provide beautiful wedding flowers to help create the ceremony of your dreams. Schedule a wedding flower consultation to begin designing your perfect bridal bouquet, tabletop arrangements, and more.

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