How to Properly Care for Orchids

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Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers that you can choose to give someone. They will brighten up a room and provide good feelings every time that someone enters the room. Orchids are a flower that grows in roots on top of other plants without harming them. They live off nutrients in the atmosphere and can be delicate flowers if you receive them as part of a flower delivery in North Salem, NY. Orchids are flowers that make for a great gift, as they come in all different colors and can really decorate the interior of a space. Keep reading on to learn about the right way to care for orchids. Head over to your local flower shop in North Salem, NY, to browse for the best orchids.

  1. Water Them the Right Amount

Orchids, as with all type of plants, have a certain amount of water that they need to thrive. Most orchids will only require watering once per week, which is great news for people who are very busy. Be careful not to overwater your orchids because they are prone to issues related to excessive moisture. It’s better to give your orchid time to dry out between waterings.

  1. Ample Light

Another important part of taking care of orchids is to make sure they are getting ample light during the day. Keep in mind that flower delivery in North Salem, NY, often involves receiving flowers that have been cut. With an orchid, you are literally growing it on your own. That’s why you have to put your orchids in an area that receives a good amount of light. Orchids need a lot of light, and will flourish in environments that provide 12 to 14 hours of daily indirect light. Keep in mind that direct sunlight can do more damage than good to your orchids.

  1. Know Your Orchid

There are tons of different types of orchids out there to choose from at your flower shop in North Salem, NY. It’s important to learn a little bit about what type of orchid you have and some of the ways that you can help it grow to its maximum capabilities.

We hope this article has provided you with some great tips on how to take care of your orchid. If you have any more questions related to caring for orchids or would like to order a flower delivery in North Salem, NY, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe today!