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Why You Should Use Flower Food to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

flower arrangements in Pound Ridge, NY

So, you’ve just received a beautiful flower arrangement from the local flower shop in North Salem, NY. You love the bright colors and fragrances that the flower arrangement provides and want it to last for as long as possible. If you aren’t using flower food, you might be cutting down the lifespan of your flower arrangements. Using flower food for your flower arrangements in Pound Ridge, NY, is a great way to improve the longevity of the flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible. Keep reading on below to learn why you should use flower food to keep your flowers fresh.

  1. Added Hydration

Flower food is important for your flowers because it helps to lower the pH. This helps keep the water and food system in flowers working at maximum capacity. The best flower foods include an agent that lowers the pH of the solution that encourages hydration. The tiny tubes in the flowers will be soaking up water at an improved rate with flower food. We all know how important water is for flowers!

  1. Nutritional Source

Another great reason why flower food helps to keep your flower arrangements in Pound Ridge, NY, fresh is that it is a great source of nutrition. In their natural state, flowers produce sugar during photosynthesis. When a flower is cut and sold in an arrangement, it can no longer use photosynthesis for nutrition. That’s when flower food comes into play, to help the flowers receive the nutrients they need. Flower food can help the flowers perform better in terms of color, size, and lifespan.

  1. Unplugs Flower Stems

Flower stems are used to transport water and nutrients to the flowers. During the timeframe when a flower is cut from its natural growth source to the time it arrives in your vase, there are plenty of chances for the flower stems to get clogged up. Stem blockages will definitely impact the health of your flowers, which is why flower food is such a powerful tool. Flower food usually contains special ingredients that can help to unplug the flower stems and keep water and nutrients flowing.

If you are interested in enjoying the flowers from your local flower shop in North Salem, NY, for as long as possible, you should definitely look into flower food. It’s the best option for enjoying your beautiful flowers and keeping them healthy for extended time periods.

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