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2023 Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Want to make your loved one feel extra special this year? Gifting them with Valentine’s Day flower arrangements is a great way to show your love, and our floral designers are here to guide you on choosing the perfect arrangement.Flowers make the perfect gift for a spouse, partner, best friend, parent, or loved one in your life. Not sure which flowers are best? Every flower has a special meaning. Giving a loved one a Valentine’s Day bouquet that has a certain sentiment makes this gift more magical. There’s even symbolism behind the number of flowers in an arrangement.

For a gift with a special meaning, here’s our guide on how to choose the perfect flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day.

Which Flowers Are Best for Valentine’s Day?

Not sure which flowers are right for your special someone? Consider some of our Valentine’s Day favorites!

  • Valentine’s Day Roses. Roses are a beautiful symbol of love. These classic and timeless flowers are a popular staple and a perfect gift on the day of love.
  • Valentine’s Day Peonies. These shaggy, happy flowers strongly resemble roses. They have abundant petals and come in a variety of colors ranging from pinks to whites to cream. Peonies also symbolize romance.
  • Valentine’s Day Potted Orchids. Orchids stand for beauty, love, luxury, and strength. They also convey a sense of tranquility and calm. This is a good flower to give to a friend, a new love interest, or even a parent.
  • Valentine’s Day Tulip Arrangements. Tulips are a symbol of deep and unconditional love. Give tulips to your long-time spouse for a gift that embodies your devotion.
  • Ranunculus Valentine’s Day Bouquets. These flowers symbolize charm, making them an excellent choice to give to your crush!

What Color of Valentine’s Day Flower Should You Choose?

If you’ve settled on a type of flower, it’s now time to choose a color. There’s a meaning to every color of the rainbow, so be sure to choose one that embodies the personality of your loved one or the way they make you feel. Here are some popular flower colors (and their meanings) to pick from:

  • Red is the color of passion and romantic love, which is probably why red roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day favorite.
  • Orange symbolizes happiness, joy, and adventure. This is a good color for flowers being gifted to a friend.
  • Pink is the color of romance, love, innocence, and playfulness. Pink flowers are an excellent choice for a new and budding relationship.
  • Yellow represents friendship, love, and trust. If you’re hoping to bring cheer to a parent or relative on Valentine’s day, consider yellow flowers for your bouquet.
  • Green symbolizes good fortune and resilience. At this time of year, green flowers also point to the future and springtime.
  • Blue flowers evoke feelings of intimacy. Give blue flowers to a long-time partner or spouse to ignite that spark.
  • Purple symbolizes grace, refinement, and beauty. They’re the perfect addition to a bouquet of pink flowers for your love interest.
  • White is associated with purity, innocence, and new marriage. Give white flowers to your fiance as a reminder of your upcoming wedding day.

How Many Flowers for a Bouquet?

The number of flowers you include in an arrangement can make all the difference. One flower means that the recipient is the only one. Three flowers are symbolic of love. Eleven flowers mean the recipient is the “missing flower” in a dozen. If you’re looking to really wow your special someone, consider some of these sentiments and meanings in the number of flowers you choose.

Where Can I Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Bedford Village Flower Shoppe designs high-end floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day, making it easy to give the gift of love this year. We’re your source for beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements! To get started crafting the perfect floral design for your loved one, contact Bedford Village Flower Shoppe.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Are you seeking unique Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one? Whether you’re buying flowers for a partner, spouse, best friend, or relative, Bedford Village Flower Shoppe has Valentine’s Day flower ideas to share!

We only work with the freshest and most lovely seasonal flowers to provide Valentine’s Day flower delivery to areas near our Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. See if we provide delivery to your area!

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