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7 Flowers That Symbolize Motherhood

Mother's Day Flower Arrangement by Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Giving your mom flowers for Mother’s Day is a timeless tradition. But oftentimes, Mother’s Day bouquets are designed without seasonality and freshness in mind – and wilted flowers aren’t exactly uplifting. That’s why, at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we prioritize designing arrangements with the freshest flowers our local vendors have to offer! Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Nothing is more meaningful than sending her a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut, seasonal flowers from the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. But with so many seasonal spring flowers to choose from, which are the right picks? To make your Mother’s Day arrangement even more meaningful, our florists recommend building an arrangement with a flower that represents motherhood. Looking for a guide to all the flowers that represent mothers? Here, we’ve highlighted our favorites to help you create the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day.


Carnations are beautiful spring flowers often used in Mother’s Day bouquets and tabletop arrangements. They come in a range of shades from pink to white, yellow, and even red. To create an arrangement with variety and deep meaning, carnations pair beautifully with roses and baby’s breath. When it comes to a flower symbolizing motherhood, white and pink carnations are a top pick.


Roses are more than just a Valentine’s Day favorite. Roses can also be gifted to symbolize maternal or familial love, making them a perfect pick for Mother’s Day. However, we recommend a color other than red, which is often associated with romance. Some common colors to choose for Mother’s Day include pink, white, or peach. Work with our florists to choose the rose colors that make the most sense for your bouquet!


Anemones are wispy, fragile flowers that blow beautifully in the wind. Understanding anemone flower symbolism is key to creating a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day arrangement with deep meaning. Though they’re commonly found in bridal bouquets and tabletop wedding arrangements, – as they symbolize love – anemones are also in season in May, making them a Mother’s Day flower favorite. Anemones have buds that open in the morning and close again at night and are symbolic of anticipation and patience.


Peonies symbolize honor and wealth. If your mom is a gardener, chances are you’ll find this spring favorite in her garden! A classic and timeless flower, peonies are a beloved staple of many spring-time bouquets.


Hydrangeas are another timeless garden flower that mothers often love. These flowers stand for gratitude and grace, which makes them the perfect pick to thank your mom for all she does. Hydrangeas come in a range of colors, from white to pink, purple, and even blue. If your mother’s favorite color is blue, hydrangeas are a great pick for her, especially since finding blue blossoms can be difficult.


Tulips symbolize deep, unconditional love, like that between a mother and a child. Giving your mother tulips shows her how much you love her. Tulips come in many colors, from primary red and yellow, to pastel pink and purple. Tell your florist which colors your mom will appreciate when you’re choosing the tulip for her.


Daisies symbolize purity and new beginnings. These garden favorites show your mom that you’re thinking of her and everything she’s done for you over the years.

Design a Dreamy Mother’s Day Bouquet with Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

At Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, we can help you customize a bouquet that’s perfect for Mother’s Day! Our highly-trained specialty florists build their arrangements with only the freshest seasonal flowers, ensuring your Mother’s Day arrangement will last. If you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement with flowers that symbolize motherhood, we can custom-design one to your exact specifications. Simply speak to one of our florists, and we’ll walk you through the whole process. No time to pick up your order? No problem! We deliver our arrangement to Bedford New York and the surrounding areas. Want to know if we deliver to your area? See our delivery area information to learn more, or give us a call. Our courteous professionals are here to answer all your questions!

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