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Spring Wedding Flower Trends in 2023

Spring flower arrangement by Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year for weddings. With seasonal blossoms in full bloom, fresh flowers make spring weddings even more magical. When it comes to choosing your spring wedding flowers, selecting popular seasonal cuts is a must! If you’re planning on incorporating some spring 2023 wedding trends into your special day, you should make selections that are meaningful to you. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so choosing color palettes, flower arrangements, and designs you love is important. To help you plan a wedding that is equally trendy as it is unique to the bride and groom, here are our popular spring wedding flowers to choose from.

Single Flower Type Arrangements

Sometimes, arrangements made from just one flower make the most powerful statements. That’s certainly shown to be true in today’s single flower installations, where only one type of flower is used to decorate the aisle and altar. These arrangements are impactful because the uniformity of the flowers creates incredible beauty and unique visual interest. But what type of flowers are the most popular for these arrangements? There are many trending springtime flower arrangements to choose from! Baby’s breath, roses, hydrangeas, and anemones are all popular selections for these arrangements. Each has its own unique shape and scent, creating a very different effect. Your florist can talk to you about what will be in season and freshly available at the time of your wedding.

Living Arrangements

Sustainability is an important practice in all aspects of life, and it’s even finding its way into wedding decor. Now more than ever, living, potted flower arrangements are making dazzling displays more frequently at weddings. Sustainability isn’t the only reason that couples are choosing live arrangements for their weddings. When the event is over, newlyweds can plant their flowers in their yards or continue to care for them as indoor arrangements for years to come to keep the memory of their wedding alive. Every time you look at the hydrangea bush in your garden, you’ll remember the day you said, “I do.” Best of all, these living arrangements can also be great gifts for your wedding party or guests. Give the most important people in your life something meaningful to take home with them! When you visit your relatives and friends in the future, you’ll see those plants and remember your special day. It’s a wonderful sentiment for everyone.

Smaller Bridal Bouquets

You don’t always have to go big to make a statement. Small bridal bouquets can be just as effective as large trailing bouquets, and they’re a lot easier for the bride and bridesmaids to carry around. The trick is to use beautiful, seasonal, fresh-cut flowers and arrange them with just the right style for your wedding aesthetic. Afraid a small bouquet will underwhelm the audience? Choose your florist carefully, and trust them to create an arrangement that turns heads. When you’re selecting your florist, check references, look at pictures, and communicate your preferences in a wedding consultation. Discuss your aesthetic and vision during this consultation to ensure your wedding flowers will be everything you’re hoping for.

2023 Wedding Color Trends: Viva Magenta Flowers

If there’s one color that’s really prevalent in spring weddings this year, it’s the Pantone color of the year: viva magenta – a bright and bold combination of pink and red. This fearless color can be found in a variety of wedding flowers and has a real “wow” factor that can dazzle wedding guests. Your florist can help you choose flowers to match this color for your upcoming wedding. Viva magenta pairs perfectly with whites, creams, muted greens, and yellows. You’ll love the way it looks in your bridal bouquet, in the arches where you say your vows, and on the tabletop arrangements at the reception.

Plan Your Wedding With Bedford Village Flower Shoppe

From spring flower arrangements to wedding color palettes, the florists at Bedford Village Flower Shoppe and well-versed in what’s trending. To plan the spring wedding of your dreams, consult our team of florists and we’ll help you design arrangements that dazzle. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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